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March 12th, 2007 | Category: Logistics

The National Park Service has issued a permit for the Gathering of Eagles demonstration and rally on March 17 in Washington, D.C. as illustrated on the Eagle web site “Maps” link under “Sections”.


We view the permit decision unacceptable and will be taking immediate steps to appeal what we believe is an unworkable decision. If the National Park Service is unfavorable to our appeal, our legal arm will pursue immediate court action to acquire an equitable, realistic solution.

The good news is the Park Service is granting the Eagles large amounts of territory adjacent to the Vietnam Memorial as well as along the march route of the antiwar protesters. We are being given the use of the western side of Constitution Gardens, which is contiguous to the Vietnam Memorial, thus giving us controlling ground. That permit is for an estimated 10,000 people. If things stand as they are, we will use that as a staging area for our people to cycle along the pathways, visiting statues and the Vietnam Memorial which comprise the Memorial area. (The maps are included below for convenience and are also available under “Sections” on the Eagle web site - click on the “Maps” tab and look at maps 1 and 2 for illustrations of areas permitted for each group)

Bad news is the Park Service decided to grant the other half of Constitution Gardens to the so-called antiwar group ANSWER, with a no man’s land in between. This is unacceptable and will be challenged in our appeal.

ANSWER is telling their supporters to gather at the park on Henry Bacon Dr. on Saturday morning for a ‘People’s Assembly’ before their march kicks off at 12:30 p.m. They have no announced plans to use Constitution Gardens anymore–in fact they have removed all mention of Constitution Gardens from their updated maps for March 17–yet they are refusing to relinquish their permit application for that area in an effort to inhibit the rights of the Eagles to assemble in a consolidated location. This will be part of our appeal.

The pathways through the Memorial are narrow and can accommodate about four abreast. We must keep in mind the Park Service is intent on keeping the Memorial open to the general public. Many have plans to stand watch all day in front of the Vietnam Wall, which the Park Service understands, and is working to make sure Memorials are protected while maintaining access by the general public.

The Park Service has granted us demonstration areas along the antiwar march route. Those areas include the sidewalk on the Lincoln Memorial Circle from Henry Bacon Dr. to Memorial Bridge as well as two large grass areas across the street from that sidewalk leading up to the bridge. (Again, review the Maps below)

Also, we have been granted a permit for half of Memorial Circle closest to Arlington National Cemetery on the Virginia side of Memorial Bridge. We intend to occupy this area and serve as a symbolic guard as the antiwar marchers pass on their way to the north parking lot of the Pentagon.

More bad news is that as of now, the Park Service is insisting that we not hold our morning rally/program at Constitution Gardens but that we hold it almost two blocks from the Vietnam Memorial on the other side of the antiwar rally vicinity Ohio Drive, SW. They are also insisting that we stage our First Aid, water station, portable toilets and operations center in the same far off location. This is also unacceptable and will be part of the appeal.

We are perplexed as to what the Park Service expects to happen by forcing Eagles to move through, near, or on the sidewalk along the antiwar rally in order to visit our two main gathering areas as currently permitted. This would create a near intolerable situation, particularly for disabled or others with limited mobility. We have asked for the entirety of Constitution Gardens for the day so that we can contain our main operations to one location, for obvious reasons.

It appears the anti-war ANSWER group want their population in a single area for ease to begin their march… Eagles want our population in a single area for ease of control and facility support….in short both groups want to be separated from one another. The Park Service solution fails to meet the common sense and public safety test by creating a potential conflict.
As mentioned above we will be appealing this permit decision on Monday 12 March, 2007.

We hope to have the issue favorably resolved in the coming days. In the meantime, please review the maps posted detailing where things stand at this time as permitted by the Park Service.

In any event, our gathering location vicinity the Vietnam Memorial wall as shown on map 1 is not expected to change..also note the metro stops on map 2.

We have a mission on March 17. We will accomplish that mission.

Eagles Up!

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"Gathering of Eagles", Stand Beside Our American Heroes

Forwarded from a friend:

(These words were written by many people, i just put the puzzle together)

On March 17th, expect a lot of police presence and preparation at the Vietnam Memorial Wall...the cops are being told that "biker gangs" and various other parties will attempt to stage a counter-demonstration and confrontation of the anti-war crowds at The Wall, word is the authorities will plan on diverting/dissolving the "Gathering of Eagles" before it gets into place at The Wall...they are seeking to prevent a confrontation.

I'm hearing that this Gathering of the Eagles is going to be one of the largest pro-war protest in history. I read a site the other day that says they expect crowds in the millions on the pro-war side. This is also literally a liberal/conservative standoff and it has built up extreme tension and passion on both sides. I honestly don't know if D.C. has a large enough police force to stop much from happening. And these troops and veterans aren't the average Joe when it comes to trying to keep them from the Wall.

This unprecedented Gathering is a historic event - significant in both scope and meaning. It is a pure grassroots movement like nothing I've ever seen. It's that miraculous! I can't possibly predict what the socialist anti-military demonstrators will do on March 17th - but I would not put anything past them. I expect the worst from them. But consider this: there will be no safer place on earth than among the warrior class of America. They are combat-tested and proven and they will not let anything happen to our children. I truly believe that. I know that there will be those among our opponents that will try and cause problems - that is their way.

The anti-American left, led by the usual cast of professional protesters, America-haters, communists and anarchists from Hanoi Jane Fonda, (and others from our moronic and hardly relevant pop culture), various rebels without a clue, to some of our own opportunistic political "leaders" (a term used with all due sarcasm), plans to hold a huge anti-war protest on the Mall in Washington, D.C., and they plan to use the Vietnam Memorial Wall as their main staging area, all to take place on March 17, 2007. Well, there are a few million honorable veterans of the United States of America's armed forces, and many more patriotic civilians who take a dim view of that plan. And many thousands of these patriotic Americans plan to gather in Washington to meet that protest head-on, not through violence, but through a very patriotic and pro-American presence as well as creating a human barrier to any attempt to desecrate our memorials or dishonor the memories of our fallen heroes. The Gathering of Eagles will not allow any desecration of our war memorials to take place.

The Gathering of Eagles is described as "an act of love by thousands of veterans (and friends) who choose to honor the sacrifice of the fallen by guarding the memorials from those who would desecrate them on March 17th in a so-called "peaceful" anti-war rally in Washington, D.C."

It is also a call to action for every American Patriot to stand and say "No More!" and "Never Again!" to those who would spit on our veterans and troops, and ridicule their service to our nation.

Decades ago, we expected total victory against the Germans and the Japanese. We demanded it, for we knew what anything less would bring to our homeland–and yes, it was our homeland, regardless of our place of birth. We were united, together in the absolute, unshakable belief that freedom was worth blood, even our own lives.

Many years later, the American Left called for the defeat and humiliation of our military, even going so far as to support the barbaric hordes of Islam in their quest to destroy America. The college-age hippies of 1969 were now parents and grandparents, with families who didn't have the faintest idea where Iwo Jima is and wouldn't dream of enlisting in the "imperialist army" of their nation. These past flower children, still apparently lost in the fog of free love and LSD, forgot their fathers' old "war injuries," received in places like Normandy, Bastogne, or Wake Island. Their children hated authority, hated America, and hated anything that stood in the way of the freedoms they abused. To them, freedom of speech meant they should be able to wear their "F*** You" shirt to school.

During the War on Terror, it seemed as though these families were the only Americans left here at home, as our best and brightest went to Iraq and Afghanistan. The families of our heroes stayed quiet, their support showing in the form of tangible things like batteries and treats shipped in boxes with "We Love You" written on the side, in marker as permanent as their worry. For those who changed their blue star to gold, the pain of their loss often made them shy away from the pure, vitriolic hatred of the ever contradictory motto of the Left: "Support the troops…bring them home."

Meanwhile, the antiwar crowd marched in Washington, San Francisco and New York.

And in the day-to-day grind of American weekday life, millions of patriotic Americans simply went to work and came home. We couldn't afford to miss work to stand on a street corner. We put our yellow ribbons on our cars and our flags in the window, hoping that the troops knew we cared. We yelled at the TV and the radio when appropriate and muttered to our friends about how infuriated we were at these people who thought liberty was a commodity. Our anger burned deeply, but slowly.

The antiwar crowd kept marching and declared themselves the majority. They had the funding, the celebrity backing, the media fascination. They were everywhere. They spray-painted the Capitol steps, sent money to the terrorists, and staged media feeding frenzies outside the President's home. They even held up their anti-American signs outside military hospitals, where soldiers and Marines who gave pieces of themselves in exchange for freedom tried to get used to life without their best friends, their limbs, and in some cases, their sanity.

The Cindy Sheehans and Jane Fondas of the nation got bolder, spurred on by the silence of those who kept their medals and memories locked away. It seemed as though there was no stopping the force of those who sought to bring the mightiest nation on earth to her knees.

But then, the antiwar groups announced plans to begin their next march at the Vietnam Wall. Fifty-eight thousand names cried out in protest, and America heard the call of her fallen.

We were finally angry enough.

It began like a quiet rumble, the hint of an impending storm. A small group of veterans slowly rose to their feet, their combat disabilities unable to hinder them this time. A gas station attendant, a lawyer, a doctor, a housewife. One by one, Americans stood, setting down their lives to answer the reveille, minutemen once again in the cause of freedom.

They came from New York City and Nowhere, Indiana. They drove in from the mountains of Idaho and flew in from Hawaii. They rose up from all walks of life, all financial situations. The wave rolled across the United States like a tsunami, determined to reach Washington, D.C. for one purpose: to deliver a message to the flower children that was forty years overdue.

The message was simple, and as thousands of Americans stood in stoic rows around the memorial, it reverberated off the ebony beauty of the Wall. The silence of their stand deafened the obnoxious antics of the defeatists and sent a clarion call like a beacon across the globe.

Half a world away, soldiers and Marines lifted their heads a bit higher and stood taller.

And at the Wall, as thousands of American faces reflected in the polished surface, the ghosts of more than 58,000 men smiled back in silent, grateful pride as their lips mouthed the message their countrymen had come so far to deliver: Freedom!

For More Info On The Gathering Of The Eagles......

If you would like to keep up to date on information regarding Gathering of Eagles on March 17th 2007, copy and paste the url below and click on go...There's information and things you can expect including reservation information and rallying point with tips...

God Bless Us All...Let's Roll!!!!!!
Important New Detailed Info. About "Gathering of Eagles"

March 17th brief, the source is official--US Dept. of the Interior and US Park Police memorandum obtained through a colleague who has access. On March 17th, expect a lot of police presence and preparation at the Vietnam Memorial Wall...the cops are being told that "biker gangs" and various other parties will attempt to stage a counter-demonstration and confrontation of the anti-war crowds at The Wall, word is the authorities will plan on diverting/dissolving the "Gathering of Eagles" before it gets into place at The Wall...they are seeking to prevent a confrontation.

Anti-War Demonstration and March
The main sponsor of this First Amendment activity is ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism). ANSWER has a permit application for the Henry Bacon Ball Fields (across Henry Bacon Drive from the VVM), which has not yet been approved. This group plans to assemble (10,000 - 30,000) persons in this area and conduct speeches, music and ultimately march to the Pentagon, where more of the same activities will occur. This group is attracting high profile supporters such as Jane Fonda, Ed Asner, and Cindy Sheehan. Their stage will be erected on the south side of this area and their main rally will occur here. They plan to gather various groups of supporters prior to the march in Area 5 (the area just east of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial) in Constitution Gardens.

Several like-minded groups (The International Action Center, the DC Anti-War Network, and UFPJ) also plan on attending and joining ANSWER for the rally and march. Specifically, IAC plans on assembling approx. 100-300 persons on the Reflecting Pool steps of the Lincoln Memorial, approx. 200-500 persons at Sylvan Theatre, and approx. 500 persons on the Mall from 3rd to 4th Streets. The group on the Reflecting Pool steps and at the Sylvan Theatre plan to march over to Area 5 and join ANSWER for the rally and march. Another IAC group will also conduct a several day vigil in the National Mall from March 12th to March 17th; however, will not join the rally.

The USCP also anticipate some activity on the West Front of the Capitol and Upper Senate Park.

Several other NPS areas (Lafayette Park, WAMO, and other areas of the National Mall) were under application by these groups; however, the applications were not acted upon.

All venues will begin set up between 0500-0600 Hrs. The rally in Area 5 will begin at 0800 and conclude at approx. 1300, when the march will commence. The smaller rallies will conclude between 1230 and 1300 and will join the main rally.

The protesters plan to arrive either via mass transit or buses from outlying areas. The buses plan to drop passengers on 23rd Street @ Constitution Ave. then travel to the Pentagon for passenger pick up at the end of the rally at the Pentagon.

The current march route is w/b Constitution to Henry Bacon to LMC to w/b Memorial Bridge to s/b Washington Blvd to the Pentagon North Parking Area.

DC Free Republic - aka "Freepers" is currently the only counter-protest group that is in negotiations with the NPS for a permit. This group initially wanted the north curb of Constitution Ave. near the site; however, it now appears that they will be issued permits for the area west of 23rd St. and S/O Constitution Ave. They will also be issued a permit for a portion of Area #5 that is just east of the V.V.M.

Intelligence has revealed an impassioned movement among several groups [Vietnam Veterans groups, POW/MIA groups, GoldStar mothers/Goldstar families, Rolling Thunder, etc] intent on traveling to the VVM to protect it from the Anti-War demonstrators. The USPP has contacted the leaders of these groups to provide the accurate information concerning this event and assuring them that the USPP will ensure all monuments and memorials are protected during this event. This group is not looking for a permit to demonstrate; however, the reality is if they get large numbers we will need to find a location for them since they cannot demonstrate at the VVM. D.O.I. Solicitor, Randy Myers has been consulted and involved in the negotiation process.

Just as with the UFPJ event of Jan. 27th, we do anticipate anarchist groups to assemble and mingle with the main group. There MO is to incite the crowds, conduct civil disobedience, and damage/destroy property. The USPP has monitored isolated threats by individuals to vandalize the VVM wall. Additionally we have received information that biker gangs intend on coming to this event armed and seeking to confront the anti-war demonstrators. The lessons learned from UFPJ will be incorporated into this security plan to ensure the protection of life and property. These lessons will include magnetometer screening at the VVM and a significant police presence here and at the other memorials as well.

A substantial fence plan has been coordinated with the NPS. This plan will entail a double row of bike rack between Area 5 and the VVM, which will be connected with snowfence in the adjacent green areas.

None of the groups are anticipating any civil disobedience.
SFB anticipates approx. 200-250 USPP officers will work this detail and the hours are anticipated to be from 0600-1500. HMP squads, scooter and motor squads, reactionary teams, etc. will be utilized. Squads of officers will be assigned to each individual group as well. A Vending Squad will also be deployed. DHS-Protective Medicine will also be requested.

Constitution Ave. (17th to 23rd Streets), Henry Bacon Drive, Memorial Bridge, and Washington Blvd will be closed during these events.

The Media will arrive at 0700 and will be located on the s/s of Constitution ave. @ 20th St.

The ELO request for this event that will include personnel and commissary costs has been completed and submitted to WASO. Due to the increased security concerns and the resulting increased staffing needs, a formal request to increase this funding amount is forthcoming.

The USPP hosted a joint police meeting on February 27th. MPDC, Pentagon Police, Arlington County P.D., D.C. Fire Dept. and other agencies attended.

A supervisory briefing will be conducted on Friday, March 16th @ 1000 Hrs. at the USPP Anacostia Operations Facility.

The USPP received word that on Friday evening March 16th an anti-war group plans to march from the National Cathedral at approx. 2045 Hrs. to the White House. At this location they plan to engage in civil disobedience on the White House Sidewalk where as many as 600 persons intend to be arrested. The USPP is in negotiations with this group to reduce this number of arrests to a more manageable size.

No group (counter-demonstrators or anti-war) has been granted any permit to demonstrate at the Wall or any other war memorial...and the Wall will be cordoned off by police, in order to keep all demonstrators away.


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