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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

OH my...say it ain't so...Jihad Charlie Brown

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Free Shipping Supplies for Military Families and Supporters

Remember! DECEMBER 4th is the last day to send a package to your soldier so he will receive it on time for Christmas.

I got the following today. I called the number, and this IS legit. Anyone can do it, family member or friend, so there is no more excuses regarding the cost of boxes, tape, packaging materials and labels. Best of all? It is FREE.

The USPS has a program for military family members and friends to supply them with packaging materials to send packages to troops overseas. If you call 1-800-610-8734 and select option # 1, Ask them for the "Military pack" they will send you boxes, tape, packaging materials and labels. They will also give you an I.D. number so if your supply runs low, you just call them up and they'll send you more supplies. The materials take about four to ten days to receive. I Don't know if any of you have mailed any packages lately, but if you go to mail box etc., they will charge you for the box, tape, peanuts, labels and everything else the can think of! After a while, those charges start to add up!

This is just an FYI. I thought it was a pretty good deal and wanted to try and get the word out to anyone that didn't know about this program

Origins: Since the preponderance of "free merchandise" offers promoted via e-mail turn out to be nothing but hoaxes and pranks targeted at the gullible, we're pleased whenever we can announce that such an offer is genuine, especially so in this case as the ultimate beneficiaries are the men and women of the U.S. armed forces who are stationed overseas.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) will supply for free, to anyone who asks, specially packaged Priority Mail supplies for shipping "care kits" to members of the U.S. military stationed overseas. Each supply kit includes the following:

4 Priority Mail Flat-Rate "shoe box"-type shipping boxes

6 Priority Mail Flat-Rate "garment box"-type shipping boxes

10 Priority Mail labels

1 roll of Priority Mail tape

10 customs forms with envelopes

(The contents of the supply kits changes from time to time and sometimes includes other items, such as water-resistant Tyvek Priority Mail envelopes and Priority Mail address labels. Most of these items are ordinarily furnished for free to customers by the USPS.)

To obtain a free kit of shipping supplies, simply call the USPS' packing supplies order line at 1-800-610-8734, select option #1 ("Express Mail, Priority Mail or Global Express Guaranteed products"), and ask a customer service agent for CAREKIT04 (or a "military kit"). You need supply only your name, address, and phone number, and they'll get a kit off to you that should arrive within 7-10 days. We've tried this service ourselves: it was easy to use, the USPS customer service agent we dealt with was courteous and efficient, and we were supplied with a customer ID number to expedite the process of ordering additional supplies. (This offer includes only packing materials — senders who use these materials still have to pay the requisite postage themselves.)

The USPS also offers a "Supporting Our Troops" page on their web site with links to guidelines for packing, addressing, and shipping items to U.S. troops.

Obsession...Radical Islams War against the West! A FILM EVERY AMERICAN MUST SEE!!

Finally able to see it via youtube.
Here is is broken into 8 10 minute clips!

Part 1 There is a Problem

Part 2 The Culture of Jihad

Part 3 The Media of Terrorism

Part 4 Jihad in the West

Part 5 The Culture of Denial

Part 6 To Their Own Children

Part 7 Hitler and the Mufti

Part 8 We've Been Here Before

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Election 2006 Pro-Life Voter's Guide

Election 2006 Pro-Life Voter's Guide

In order to help you make the best decisions possible about the various candidates for Congressional, statewide and state legislative races across the country, LifeNews.com has compiled this voter's guide.

In this pro-life election guide, we list the information about candidates provided by various statewide pro-life organizations and national groups. We also include links to candidates endorsed by pro-abortion groups so you know who to vote against next month.

Please send this voting guide to every pro-life friend, family member, church member and other person you can think of to help them vote pro-life. The lives of the unborn, the elderly, the disabled and others hang in the balance.

National Voting Information
* See how your members of Congress voted on pro-life issues the last two years by visiting the National Right to Life legislative scorecard. For states without endorsement lists, start here.
* Vote against the pro-abortion candidates NARAL has endorsed for Congress and those Emily's List has endorsed. You can also use NARAL's state map for election resources and to find their state affiliates, which have lists of pro-abortion state candidates. You can also find more information on pro-abortion candidates by going to Planned Parenthood affiliate web sites.
* If you know of a resource to add to this voter's guide, please email LifeNews.com for our next dissemination.

Alabama Citizens for Life - 256-381-6495

Christian Action of Alabama Legislative Scorecard

Call Alaska Right to Life at (907) 276-1912

Arizona Right to Life Endorsed Candidates

Call Arkansas Right to Life at 501-663-4237


Vote FOR Proposition 85 for parental notification.

Read the California Pro-Life Council voting guide here.

Contact Colorado Right to Life at 303-753-9394

Call the Pro-Life Council of Connecticut at (212) 348-0422

Call Delaware Citizens for Life at (302) 655-9624


View the Florida Right to Life election endorsements here.


Click here for Georgia Right to Life's endorsement


Hawaii Right to Life's Voting Guide


Contact Right to Life of Idaho at (208) 367-9378
See also the Gem State Voter's Guide


Illinois Federation for Right to Life endorsement

Illinois Citizens for Life rankings


Indiana Right to Life voting


Iowa Right to Life Committee candidate


Kansans for Life Political Action Committee


Kentucky Right to Life endorsements
and recommendations


Contact the Louisiana Right to Life Federation
at 866-463-5433


Contact Maine Right to Life at


Maryland Right to Life PAC endorsement


Contact Massachusetts Citizens
for Life
at 617-242-4199


Right to Life of Michigan endorsed candidates.

For local candidates in Flint, go here.


Visit the Minnesota Citizens for Life PAC page
for more information


View Mississippi Right to Life PAC's endorsement


Vote no on Amendment 2, the human cloning/embryonic stem cell research measure.

See Missouri Right to Life PAC's endorsements


Click here for
Right to Life of Montana's endorsement list.


View the Nebraska Right to Life web site
for more info.


Contact Nevada Life or Nevada
Right to Life
for information

New Hampshire

Click here to see the New Hampshire Right to Life survey

New Jersey

Find information on New
Jersey Right to Life endorsements

New Mexico

Right to Life Committee of New Mexico has their endorsement list in
a pdf file here

New York

Contact the New York State Right to
Life Committee
at (518) 434-1293

North Carolina

Contact North Carolina Right to Life at 336-274-LIFE

North Dakota

North Dakota Right to Life has election
information online


Contact Ohio Right to Life at (614) 864-5200


Contact Oklahomans for Life at (918)


Vote YES on measure 43 to support parental notification.

Contact Oregon Right to Life at 503-463-8563


Contact the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation
at 717-541-0034

Rhode Island

Contact Rhode Island Right to Life at (401)

South Carolina

Contact South Carolina Citizens for Life at (803) 252-LIFE

South Dakota

Vote Yes on Referred Law 6 -- the
state abortion ban.

Contact South Dakota Right to Life at (605)


See the Tennessee Right to Life PAC endorsement


View the Texas Right to Life voter guide by
going here


Call Right to Life of Utah at (801) 491-9742.


Contact Vermont Right to Life at 802-229-4885


Contact the Virginia Society for Human Life
at (804) 282-8745


View the Human Life endorsement list at
their web site

West Virginia

Contact West Virginians for Life at
(304) 291-LIFE


Wisconsin Right to Life's endorsed
candidate list
is available.


Contact Right to Life of Wyoming at ertelt@lifenews.com.

Get Free Pro-Life News From LifeNews.com
Receive the LifeNews.com Pro-Life News Report via email daily or weekly at no cost. Email news@lifenews.com with the message "subscribe daily" or "subscribe weekly."

Sunday, October 15, 2006


This is the reality of 9-11-2001...in our darkest hour we must not rely on mankind...but instead put our trust and faith in GOD!


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Friday, October 13, 2006

Godspeed Pfc. Dean R. Bright

I went to send my online friend a birthday message around midnight and found out that he was recently killed in Iraq. I cried for about 3 straight hours and prayed for his loved ones. I've only known him about 6 months, but he was such an amazing man...he will be truly missed. Godspeed Dean.

A fallen soldier is mourned

Family, friends, county share grief for a man who loved his country and community

ERIK SKOOG, eskoog@newsreview.info
October 6, 2006

SUTHERLIN — Norma Lane’s voice cracked barely above a whisper and she wiped tears from her eyes when she talked Thursday night about her son, U.S. Army Pfc. Dean Bright.

Bright, 32, of Sutherlin, was killed Wednesday when he and other members of the 4th Infantry Division deployed in Taji, Iraq, were under attack by insurgents. Official details of his death have not been made public.

“You don’t want to believe it. You hope they made a mistake,” said Lane, who also lives in Sutherlin. “You just don’t want to believe it happened.”

Word of Bright’s death spread quickly in Sutherlin, and flags at city parks and in front of City Hall were lowered to half staff in commemoration of Bright, who had served on the City Council in 2001. The Sutherlin Lions Club put out its flags along Central Avenue today.

A moment of silence was observed during Thursday night’s junior varsity football game at Sutherlin High School against Douglas. A similar moment of silence will be observed at tonight’s varsity match-up between the same schools at Douglas High School.

Bright grew up in the area and was a graduate of Sutherlin High School. He worked at various jobs including United Parcel Service, Bayliner Marine and Murphy Plywood.

He enlisted in the U.S. Army Sept. 15, 2005, because it was something he had always wanted to do, Lane said. He was deployed to Camp Concho, Taji, Iraq, in March.

Before he joined the Army, Bright had coached baseball in Sutherlin and was also a longtime friend of the Sutherlin Police Department.

Sutherlin Police Sgt. Mike Mahler, who had known Bright for 10 years, said he was “a good person” who “was not quite a fixture, but was known by everyone down here” for spending much of his time visiting the department.

“He was good people, and there’s not a lot of people you can say that about these days,” Mahler said.

Mahler and Bright enjoyed mountain biking together, and Bright sent Mahler postcards telling him what he was doing in boot camp, Mahler said.

Mahler and his wife, Brenda, were told of Bright’s death by Sutherlin Police Cpl. Rich Hopkins.

“It was a shock to all of us,” Mahler said.

The last time he had heard from Bright, he said, was via a postcard he had received a couple of months ago.

Bright is remembered by friends and family as someone who spoke his mind like an auctioneer, but was also considerate and outgoing, Lane said.

The two kept in close contact through Yahoo Instant Messenger and he would often tell her of what his life was like in Iraq. She was last able to speak to him Saturday, before he was sent into the field.

“We shared a lot. We talked about so many things, good times and bad times,” she said.

She said he was looking forward to Christmas, his favorite holiday.

“He had his Christmas shopping all done,” Lane said.

Bright had been on leave to Qatar, where he had done most of his shopping, she said. He had also purchased gifts over the Internet.

“He said it would be so nice to be all back together as a family,” Lane said.

“I know we’re not the only family that’s lost a son or a daughter over there ... and I do keep telling myself that, but it’s hard to lose a child because you’re supposed to go first,” Lane said.

Other family and friends of Bright huddled in the living room of Becky Bright’s house long into Thursday night in a combination of shock and exhaustion. Becky and Dean had been divorced for five or six years, but the two had reconciled recently.

Dean was scheduled to return to Sutherlin on leave around Thanksgiving. He and Becky were planning to remarry in Reno, and had recently made the announcement to family members.

“It never crossed our minds he wasn’t going to come home. Everything has been about him coming home,” Becky said.

Dean’s younger sister, Sandra Powell, echoed the disbelief of her brother’s death.
“Everything so far has been what happens when he comes home. What are we going to do when he comes home,” she said. “I just had the feeling that when he wanted to come home, he wanted to see everybody.”

Trying to cope with the loss of Dean, Becky said, means focusing on their two children, Jarrod, 9, and Maddie, 6, and making sure they have everything they need.

They don’t believe he’s not coming home, she said.

Few funeral arrangements have been finalized, she said, except that Bright’s body is being transported to Portland before it is brought to Sutherlin.

Dean’s father, Robert Bright of Myrtle Point, a Korean War veteran, had been designated to take care of Dean’s affairs if he were ever killed in action.

It’s an emotional situation for Robert Bright, who’s having a tough time talking to anyone, his family said. He declined to be interviewed for this story.

Dean Bright had been awarded the Bronze Star Medal for valor in August for risking his life saving his best friend from a surprise attack in April.

“He was doing what he wanted to do, and he loved doing it,” his sister Sandra said.

• You can reach reporter Erik Skoog at 957-4202 or by e-mail at eskoog@newsreview.info.

What REALLY Happened on September 11, 2001

I'm posting this in three parts.

It is important to watch this, particulalrly if you believe our government had a hand in the 9/11 attacks.

The truth is actually much more horrible!

Part 1 -

Parts 2 -

Part 3 -

Monday, October 09, 2006

Are You Too White and Nerdy? (Funny Music Video)

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

In Memory of Our Fallen Hero's ~ Taps

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