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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


If you have children, please view this video!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Radical Islam

For those who think we should pull out...these people wont go away...they will just come here to find us. They want to kill all Christians & Jews...anyone that isn't a radical Muslim like they are.

Please Watch. Eye Opener for all of us.


Muslim man is banned from his Mosque for being anti-terror

A peaceful Muslim was kicked out of his Tulsa Mosque for speaking out against terrorism. Leaders in his Mosque say his statements were anti-Islamic. What does this tell you about "moderate" Muslims in America?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Missing Ft. Campbell Soldier

Family searches for missing soldier with Wash connections


CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. -- The family of a Fort Campbell soldier who has been missing for a week has been distributing fliers and looking for anyone with information about his disappearance.

Cpl. Jessiah Jameson, 21, was last seen at Kickers Country Club on Nov. 16 when he was removed from the nightclub for being intoxicated, according to Clarksville police. Police spokesman Andy Bechtold said Jameson was believed to have taken a cab to a motel, but never arrived. His car was left in the parking lot. Bechtold said investigators have no reason to suspect foul play. Several members of Jameson's family, including his wife, Erin, who has been living in Bellingham, Wash., arrived in Clarksville on Wednesday to put up fliers. "We're going to try to do all we can do," she said. Jameson returned to the base on the Kentucky-Tennessee border from a yearlong deployment in Iraq on Nov. 14. Erin Jameson said her husband hasn't used his debit card or turned on his cell phone. "I know for a fact he wouldn't be doing this voluntarily," she said. "It's not something he would do."

Can you please post this for a missing soldier who made it home from iraq but never made it home to his family.

This is from the wife of missing soldier, Jessiah Jameson....

November 18
My husband Jesse has been missing now for about 48 hours. He missed his 2nd day of work today in processing from Iraq and is now considered AWOL. He supposedly went to the hospital yesterday to the social work clinic for an appointment at 4pm. Who knows if he actually WENT though and the clinics are closed on weekends. The military police are looking for him, too. He has not tried to use his debit card and his car is in the same spot as it was 2 days ago. I am VERY worried about him so PLEASE pray that he is okay. I am worried he is having some kind of post traumatic stress disorder problem or something like that because I don't think he would do this...I have exhausted all my resources and don't know what else to do except wait. Please just keep him in your thoughts. I would be lost without him and Jessiah keeps asking for Daddy. I can't even bear to listen to him. I don't know if I am strong enough to do this. Please pray that God will give me strength. Thank-you all...

November 19
My husband, Jessiah is now listed as a missing person on the national database. He still has not made any phone calls from his cell phone, not used his debit card, he still has not gone home, he doesn't have his car or any clothes, and doesn't have any credit cards to his name. The last anyone saw of him was him getting in a cab. Him and his friend Kyle had rented a hotel room less than half mile away, so Kyle was going to walk him there. When they walked out of the club though, there was a taxi already there ready to leave with some people they didn't know. Kyle asked the cab driver if he could give Jesse a ride across the street, and he said yes, so Jesse got in. That's the last anyone has seen or heard from him. Please PLEASE keep praying. We are doing all we can and are constantly on the phone trying to contact different people. We have emailed our senators and representatives, as Jesse's chain of command isn't helping me at ALL and think he is just hiding. My gut tells me that something is really wrong though. It has been 63 hours as of right now. He was SO incredibly happy...He wouldn't do this...Please pray!!!!!

November 21, 2006
Jessiah is still missing. In another 2 hours, it will be 4 entire LONG days. At this point, I really don't think he is voluntarily just hiding, based on all the evidence. His case was turned over to an actual detective with the Clarksville PD today instead of just a regular patrol cop. His unit is now also worried and has completely changed their attitude toward me. They are all also searching. Tonight, all of his friends went to different bars, to stores, even to clubs and bars in Nashville. All went to different places to try and find him. Jesse's mom, my mom, baby Jessiah, and I are going to be flying down to TN in the next few days unless he is found. We are trying to get the army to pay for at least my flight and Jesse's mom's flight, but usually they only do that for injured or dead soliders, not soldiers listed as AWOL. We are still trying, but right now tickets are $900 each with it being Thanksgiving week. If we have to pay full price, we will. I have also attached a picture of Jessiah. Please repost and pass this around, especially in the TN area so that maybe SOMEONE has seen him. Thank-you all so much for your prayers and support. I am trying REALLY hard to stay strong, but I'm not doing very well...

Here's the link to the story



Saturday, November 25, 2006


YOU MUST WATCH and spread the word !

**Originally posted under: " Bridget Gabriel author BECAUSE THEY HATE, MUST SEE VIDEO " I updated this blog by correcting the spelling of her name and adding the 6 missing videos. PLEASE, we really need to spread the word before it's too late.**

Brigitte Gabriel Part 1

Brigitte Gabriel Part 2

Brigitte Gabriel Part 3

Brigitte Gabriel Part 4

Brigitte Gabriel Part 5

Brigitte Gabriel Part 6

Brigitte Gabriel Part 7 (FINAL)

Obsession: Radical Islam (Entire Movie, Parts 1 - 8)

Part 1: There's A Problem

Part 2: Culture of Jihad

Part 3: Media of Terrorism

Part 4 : Jihad in the West

Part 5: Culture of Denial

Part 6: To Their Own Children!

Part 7: Hitler and Mufti

Part 8: We've Been Here Before...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Racist extremes...


Its all over the news about Michael Richards aka Kramer from Seinfeld, doing a stand up at a comedy club and going insane and yelling the N word at some members of the audience. If you haven't seen the video, check this out!


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Islamic Justice

America's Fortitude

I salute George W. Bush

"Islam Is Not For Me" Sing-A-Long

A Soldier Takes on Murtha and Moran!


These are the People we have put in power? GOD HELP US ALL!!


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Glenn Beck Interviews The Enemy Within; Islamic Thinkers, NY

Glenn Beck receives a call from a Muslim who belongs to the Islamic Thinker's Society. This is what we're up against.

(These are audio interviews - there is no video.)

From The Jawa Report...

Part One:

Part Two:

Friday, November 17, 2006

Glenn Beck - Radical Islam Exposed (Full Video)

If you listen to only one of these video, make it part 5 (V). That is the real messenge we need to get out.


Please spread this video to everyone you know. This needs to be seen it shows what goes on in middle eat media.


Glenn Beck : "Radical Islam" Exposed (Part I)

Glenn Beck : "Radical Islam" Exposed (Part II)

Glenn Beck : "Radical Islam" Exposed (Part III)

Glenn Beck : "Radical Islam" Exposed (Part IV)

Glenn Beck : "Radical Islam" Exposed (Part V)

Glenn Beck : "Radical Islam" Exposed (Part VI)

Glenn Beck : "Radical Islam" Exposed (Part VII)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Enjoy Your Trip...


Changes Are Coming...

This We'll Defend...


Monday, November 13, 2006

Islamic Contributions to the World (Past 4 Months)

From The Religion of Peace

11/12/06IraqBaqubah500Fifty bodies are found dumped behind a power company building,
victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace.
11/12/06IraqBaghdad250Twenty-five victims of Islamic sectarian violence are found
bound and executed.
11/12/06ThailandNarathiwat11A man is gunned down in a tea shop by Islamic terrorists.
11/12/06IraqBaghdad3558Two suicide bombers massacre thirty-five innocent people waiting
in front a a police recruiting station.
11/11/06IraqBaghdad1038Eight people are killed when Sunnis car-bomb a shopping
district. Two foreign journalists are killed in a separate
11/11/06ThailandYala20Islamists gun down two police officers and take their
11/11/06IraqZaghinya20A Fedayeen suicide bomber blows two innocent people to bits,
including a woman.
11/11/06IraqBaghdad50A woman is among five people kidnapped, tortured and murdered by
Islamic terrorists.
11/11/06IraqBaghdad100Terrorists kill ten people on a bus and kidnap fifty more.
11/11/06IraqTal Afar610A suicide bomber drives a car into an Iraqi police checkpoint,
killing six officers.
11/10/06SudanSirba3118Arab militia fighters on horseback attack a refugee camp,
killing over thirty displaced persons.
11/10/06IndiaRawuchh10Two days after a Mujahideen ambush, a civilian is succumbs to
11/10/06PakistanShakai42al-Qaeda backed militants four people, including a
pro-government tribal leader, in a bombing attack on their
11/10/06IndiaPulwama650Six people, including four girls, are killed by the shrapnel of
a grenade thrown by Muslim militants.
11/10/06IraqTal Afar517Five people are killed by a Fedayeen suicide car-bomber.
11/10/06IraqYusufiya140Fourteen people sleeping in their home are kidnapped by Muslim
terrorists and murdered.
11/10/06IraqMosul10A woman is kidnapped, tortured and executed by Islamic
11/9/06IraqBaghdad260Twenty-six victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of
Peace are found murdered in the city.
11/9/06ThailandPattani10A Buddhist civilian is gunned down by Muslim militants in front
of a school.
11/9/06ThailandYala013Thirteen peole are injured when Thai Islamists bomb eight car
11/9/06IraqTal Afar48Jihadis kill four Iraqis in a roadside attack.
11/9/06IraqLatifiya180Eighteen victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of
Peace are found in the Sunni triangle outside the capital.
11/9/06IraqBaghdad1893Eighteen people are killed in five terrorist bombings.
11/9/06IndiaThannamandi11The Mujahideen assassinate an off-duty soldier, and injure a
neighbor coming to his rescue.
11/9/06IndiaQazigund10A woman is murdered by the Mujahideen, who dump her body in a
11/9/06AlgeriaBouira713Seven Algerian soldiers are ambushed and killed by the Salafist
Group for Preaching and Combat.
11/9/06ThailandPattani11Two men are shot at by Islamists while helping to build a house.
One dies of wounds suffered.
11/9/06ThailandPattani10A groundskeeper is murdered by militant Muslim gunmen while
cutting grass.
11/8/06IraqMosul60Six people are gunned down by sectarian rivals.
11/8/06IndiaWarpora10A 50-year-old woman is shot to death by the Mujahideen.
11/8/06AfghanistanZabul25Two Afghan police are killed in an ambush by Taliban
11/8/06IraqBaghdad824Sunnis rain down bombs on a soccer field, killing eight youths
playing a game.
11/8/06IraqMuqdadiya86Jihadis kill four people with a marketplace car-bombing and gun
down four members of a family in a separate attack.
11/8/06IraqMahmudiya625Islamic terrorists car-bomb a market, killing six
11/8/06IraqBaghdad1021Sunnis send mortars into two Shiite neighborhoods and a
government building, killing ten people.
11/8/06PakistanDargai4220A suicide bomber, wrapped in a prayer shawl, runs into the midst
of Pakistani soldiers exercising in an area and slaughters
11/7/06ThailandNarathiwat10A 36-year-old janitor is murdered by Islamic gunmen as he is on
his way to work.
11/7/06ThailandYala10A Buddhist teacher is murdered by Islamists as he is riding his
11/7/06IraqBaghdad100Ten victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace are
found shot to death over a 24-hour period.
11/7/06IraqFallujah38Students are among the casualties as Jihadis end the lives of
three civilians with a bombing.
11/7/06ThailandPattani10Muslims shoot a Buddhist civilian to death.
11/7/06IraqMahmudiya20Islamic terrorists kill two people, one of who is
11/7/06ThailandNarathiwat10A 42-year-old man is gunned down by Muslim radicals.
11/7/06IraqAdhamiya526Five residents are killed when Islamic terrorists send mortar
rounds into a neighborhood.
11/7/06IraqSuwayra150Fifteen people are murdered by their sectarian rivals and dumped
in a river.
11/7/06IraqBaghdad2125A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends twenty-one innocent café patrons
to Allah
11/7/06ChechnyaTai71Islamic terrorists kill seven Russian policemen in a brutal
ambush in a remote area.
11/7/06IndiaSarmarg10A man is killed in his home by Islamic radicals.
11/7/06ThailandPattani20A man and wife are gunned down by Islamic radicals.
11/7/06ThailandPattani10A teacher is murdered by Islamic extremists as he is traveling
11/6/06IndiaNalwa Nullah10The Mujahideen shoot a civilian to death as he is returning
11/6/06ChechnyaGrozny13Jihad warriors kill a policeman with a landmine.
11/6/06IngushetiaOrdzhonikidze10A woman is shot to death in front of her son, in her home, by
radical Muslims angry at her religious practices.
11/5/06ThailandYala23Thai Islamists bomb a military truck, killing two
11/5/06IndiaManglogi40Three women and a man, all members of the same family, are
slaughtered by Islamic militants angry that the family would not let
their teenage daughter marry a terrorist.
11/5/06IndiaSunervani13An 8-year-old boy is blown apart in a Mujahideen bombing.
11/5/06ThailandPattani10A 56-year-old Buddhist man is shot to death by Muslim
11/5/06ThailandYala10A 61-year-old Buddhist is gunned down by militant Muslims.
11/5/06ThailandPattani10Muslims kill a 44-year-old civilian.
11/5/06IraqAdamiya24Terrorists kill two people in a mortar attack on a residential
11/5/06ThailandNarathiwat10A 55-year-old villager is murdered by Islamic gunmen.
11/4/06IraqBaghdad270Twenty-seven victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of
Peace are found bound and executed.
11/4/06IraqBaghdad45Two separate attacks by sectarian rivals leave four people
11/4/06IraqUdhaim52A Sunni assassination attempt kills five presidential bodyguards
with a roadside bomb.
11/4/06ThailandSongkhla10A Buddhist rubber trader is shot to death by Muslim
11/4/06ThailandNarathiwat10Islamic terrorists shoot a man to death at a fish shop.
11/4/06ThailandNarathiwat10A 41-year-old man is gunned down by Islamists in front of his
11/4/06IraqBaghdad42In a brutal attack, Islamic gunmen approach a car and
machine-gun four children sitting to death inside it.
11/4/06IraqLatifiya23Islamic gunmen murder a mother and her child.
11/4/06SomaliaBaidoa24Islamic militants attack a transport, killing two Somali
11/4/06PakistanInzar10A pro-government tribal elder is killed by the Taliban.
11/4/06IraqMosul50Five people are murdered by Islamic terrorists in a series of
shooting attacks.
11/4/06ThailandPattani10A government official is murdered by Islamists.
11/3/06ChechnyaGrozny13The Mujahideen bomb a bridge, killing one person and injuring
three others.
11/3/06IraqBaghdad580Fifty-seven bodies and a severed head are found in the capital,
all victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace.
11/3/06PakistanQuetta25A suicide bomber drives his truck into a police headquarters,
killing two officers.
11/3/06IraqBaghdad66Three family members are among six people killed in two attacks
by Muslim terrorists.
11/3/06IraqMadaen40Jihadis blow up four civilians traveling in a car.
11/3/06PakistanMakeen10Islamic extremists behead a cleric and pin a note to the
11/3/06PhilippinesMindanao35MILF terrorists open fire on a group of civilians, killing
11/3/06ThailandYala10A Buddhist woman is shot to death by Muslim radicals at a health
11/3/06ThailandYala11A 43-year-old Buddhist man is gunned down by radical Muslims as
he is traveling with his wife.
11/3/06AfghanistanKhost21Two Pakistani truck drivers are shot to death by the
11/3/06IndiaAnantnag10The Mujahideen kill a man at a wedding.
11/3/06ThailandYala10Muslim gunmen murder a 25-year-old man at a school.
11/2/06IraqBaghdad30Sunni gunmen murder a university professor, his wife and son in
a shooting attack.
11/2/06IraqBaghdad745Sunnis car-bomb a Shia marketplace, killing at least seven
people and leaving dozens more in agony.
11/2/06AfghanistanAdraskan63Religious extremists murder six Afghan policemen in a highway
11/2/06IraqMahmudiya54A car-bomb kills one man, and four others are found blindfolded
and executed in a separate attack by Jihadis.
11/2/06IraqUdhaim70Two separate Jihad attacks on fuel trucks leave seven innocents
11/2/06AlgeriaTachebenk80Eight Algerian soldiers are massacred in an ambush by Islamic
11/2/06IndiaSrinagar12A cop is gunned down by Jihadis.
11/2/06IndiaBaramulla10A civilian is murdered by Islamists at a hospital.
11/2/06IndiaDrug Teng10The Mujahideen abduct a man from his home and hang him.
11/1/06IraqBaghdad350Thirty-five victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of
Peace are found in several locations, tortured and executed.
11/1/06IraqBaghdad1224Four Jihad bombings leave at least a dozen people dead.
11/1/06IraqMosul90Islamic terrorists kill nine people, one of whom was
11/1/06ThailandPattani10Muslim militants murder a postman.
11/1/06IndiaLancha10The Mujahideen kill a former member who renounced
11/1/06PakistanBajaur10The Taliban abduct and murder a tribesman.
10/31/06IraqSuwayra80Eight victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace
are found in two locations.
10/31/06AfghanistanNuristan31Three NATO soldiers on patrol are killed in a roadside attack by
religious extremists.
10/31/06AfghanistanGhazni12A policeman is killed by a suicide bomber.
10/31/06IraqBaqubah103Shiite fundamentalists kill ten people, including two shop
10/31/06IraqBaghdad2319A suicidal Sunni bomber takes out two-dozen innocents at a Shia
wedding. The dead included nine children.
10/31/06PakistanAzad Kashmir10A Christian missionary is shot to death by Islamic
10/31/06ChadAmtiman1280One-hundred and twenty-eight black Africans are massacred by
Arab extremists in a racial attack. Homes, warehouses and shops are
set ablaze in the village.
10/31/06IraqBaghdad413Two Jihadi car bombings leave four dead.
10/30/06IraqBaghdad930Two Jihad car bombings leave at least nine people dead, and
thirty others in agony.
10/30/06AlgeriaRaghaja114Islamic rebels kill one person in a bombing.
10/30/06IraqMahmudiya120Six victims of sectarian violence are found here, and another
six in Suwayra.
10/30/06IraqKirkuk319A Fedayeen suicide bomber blows himself up in a Kurdish police
station, killing three people, including a 3-year-old girl.
10/30/06IraqBaghdad3160Sunnis bomb a market, killing over thirty innocents, including
Shia laborers looking for work.
10/30/06IraqKhalis23Two laborers are blown apart by a roadside bomb.
10/30/06AlgeriaDergana29Islamic rebels kill two people in a second bombing coinciding
with an earlier one.
10/30/06ThailandYala10Islamists shoot a man in the head.
10/30/06IndiaChadol11Two students are abducted by the Mujahideen. One is murdered in
10/29/06IraqBasra190In a brutal ambush of a bus carrying cleaning workers and police
recruits, Sunnis slaughter nineteen innocents.
10/29/06PhilippinesZamboanga10A policeman is killed by Abu Sayyaf terrorists.
10/29/06IndiaPulwama10A 24-year-old civilian is kidnapped and brutally murdered by the
10/29/06SudanJabel Moun920Nearly one-hundred innocent people are massacred by an Arab
militia backed by the Islamic government. At least thirty-three are
10/29/06IraqBaghdad20Fundamentalists gun down a sports broadcaster, along with her
10/29/06IndiaMahore11A woman is killed in a Mujahideen IED attack.
10/29/06AfghanistanOruzgan18A Taliban bombing kills a NATO soldier and injures eight other
people, including civilians.
10/29/06IraqFallujah50Terrorists kidnap, torture and kill five people.
10/29/06IraqBaghdad310Thirty-one victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of
Peace are found murdered over a 24-hour period.
10/28/06ThailandPattani10An off-duty officer is killed by militant Muslims.
10/28/06IndiaSopore132Militant Muslims toss a grenade into a market, killing one
10/28/06IraqBaghdad243Two people are killed in separate bombing attacks.
10/28/06IraqIskandariya520Jihadis detonate a car bomb in a residential area, killing five
10/28/06ThailandNarathiwat10A 74-year-old Buddhist man is murdered by Islamists.
10/28/06IraqSuwayra50Five people are kidnapped, executed and dumped in a river by
sectarian rivals.
10/28/06IndiaJamslan11A woman is blown apart by a terrorist grenade.
10/28/06PakistanQuetta112Taliban-backed militants detonate a bicycle bomb on a city
street, killing a young boy.
10/28/06IndiaGuwahati112Pakistani-backed militants kill a 14-year-old boy at a Hindu
10/28/06IraqKut40Islamic gunmen kill four members of a family in their
10/28/06ThailandPattani10A rubber plantation owner is murdered by Islamists.
10/27/06ThailandYala30A 4-year-old girl is gunned down by radical Muslims, along with
her parents.
10/27/06IraqBaghdad110Eleven victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace
are found murdered.
10/27/06IraqMuradiya45Four people are machine-gunned to death when terrorists open up
on a minibus.
10/27/06ThailandPattani10Militant Muslims murder a military guard patrolling a
10/27/06AfghanistanUruzgan143Children and the elderly make up the bulk of civilians
casualties, as religious extremists blow up a passenger bus.
10/26/06ThailandNarathiwat15A cleric is gunned down by terrorists, and four others are
injured in a separate attack.
10/26/06IraqBaqubah3435Two separate attacks by Jihadis leave thirty-four Iraqi
policemen dead.
10/26/06IraqMosul80At least eight people are found shot to death by Islamic
terrorists over a two day period.
10/26/06PhilippinesZamboanga10Muslims gun down a Chinese trader.
10/26/06IndiaTral10A civilian is abducted and executed by the Mujahideen.
10/25/06IraqHusayba22Two people are killed when Muslim militants bomb a
10/25/06IndiaAnantnag10A man is dragged out of his house and executed by the
10/25/06IndiaKupwara20Two brothers succumb to injuries after being shot by militant
10/25/06IraqMahmudiya40Terrorists kidnap, bound and execute four people.
10/24/06IndiaBaramulla10A policeman is murdered by the Religion of Peace.
10/24/06IraqBaghdad17Jihadis bomb an ice cream shop, killing an innocent
10/24/06IndiaChangoo Dooru10Terrorists assassinate a government official.
10/24/06ThailandYala10Muslims shoot a laborer four times, killing him.
10/23/06IraqBaghdad2135Five separate Jihad attacks leave nearly two dozen people dead
and another three dozen injured.
10/23/06ThailandPattani10Muslim radicals kill a civilian who is walking home.
10/23/06MaliArouan93Islamic fundamentalists kill nine former Tuareg rebels.
10/23/06IraqHaqlaniyah11Terrorists kill a child and injure a woman.
10/23/06PhilippinesZamboanga20Islamic militants suspected in a shooting attack that leaves a
cop and a civilian dead.
10/23/06IndiaTarzoo11A civilian is killed when the Mujahideen bomb a bus stop.
10/22/06IraqMadaen93Nine people are killed in a Religion of Peace sectarian
10/22/06ThailandNarathiwat112A column of Buddhist monks, on their way to receive alms for the
poor, is bombed by Muslim militants.
10/22/06IraqYarmuk20Two street cleaners are murdered by Islamic terrorists.
10/22/06IraqAmil10Religious fundamentalists murder a barber.
10/22/06IndiaMuzaffarnagar112A young Hindu is killed, and more than a dozen others injured,
when Muslims object to a Diwali celebration.
10/22/06IraqBaqubah1325Thirteen police recruits are murdered by a Jihadi bombing and
shooting attack on their bus.
10/22/06IraqBaghdad500Fifty victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace
are found over a 24-hour period.
10/22/06PakistanBahawalpur10Radical Sunnis gun down a Shia cleric.
10/22/06IraqBaghdad56Muslim terrorists bomb a street market, killing five
10/22/06ThailandPattani10A man is murdered by Muslim militants while walking home.
10/21/06IraqMahmoudiyah1952Jihadis massacre nineteen people at a crowded market with
mortars and a bomb.
10/21/06IraqBaghdad715A religious extremist blows himself up in a minivan, killing at
least seven others.
10/21/06ThailandNarathiwat10A Buddhist man is slaughtered by Muslim extremists.
10/21/06AfghanistanIsmailkhel10An Afghan official is killed in a remote-controlled Taliban
10/21/06IraqBaqubah10A 14-year-old Christian boy is abducted and beheaded by Muslim
10/21/06IndiaKishtwar11A young boy is killed by the Mujahideen in a mine attack.
10/21/06ThailandPattani11A couple riding a motorcycle are shot by Muslim radicals. The
man dies on the scene.
10/21/06PhilippinesBarangay Banawag10Islamic militants are suspected in the murder of a farmer.
10/20/06ThailandNarathiwat10A young woman is murdered by Islamic militants.
10/20/06ThailandNarathiwat10Muslim radicals kill a 37-year-old man in his home.
10/20/06IraqBalad90Nine people are killed in Sunni-Shia violence.
10/20/06ThailandSongkhla413Islamists detonate a bomb at a village teashop, killing four
civilians. Two civilians lost both their legs.
10/20/06PhilippinesKabacan12Two Moro Islamic Liberation Front terrorists gun down a man in
his bed.
10/20/06PakistanJandola10A civilian is murderd by Islamic militants.
10/20/06AlgeriaTimezrit10A man is stabbed to death by Islamic fundamentalists at a phony
10/20/06ThailandNarathiwat20Two men are gunned down in separate drive-by attacks by Muslim
10/20/06ThailandPattani10Muslims shoot a 46-year-old man off of his motorcycle.
10/20/06PakistanPeshawar741Terrorists bomb a crowded shopping area, killing at least a
half-dozen innocents.
10/20/06IndiaLolab10A 7-year-old child is murdered by militant Muslims in a grenade
10/19/06AfghanistanLashkar Gah39Two children and a British soldier are blown apart by a Fedayeen
suicide bomber.
10/19/06IraqMahmudiya73Jihadis murder seven people in two attacks.
10/19/06IraqBaghdad1232Various attacks by the Religion of Peace claim the lives of a
dozen people.
10/19/06IndiaBudhal10Terrorists plant a bomb in a field, killing a 12-year-old
10/19/06AfghanistanKunar80Eight Afghan employees at a NATO base are stopped in traffic and
shot execution-style on their way home.
10/19/06PakistanShakai23Islamic militants ambush five Pakistani soldiers, killing
10/19/06IraqBaghdad48Four Palestinians are killed when their Muslim 'brothers' fire
rockets into their neighborhood.
10/19/06IraqMosul2126A suicide bomber kills eleven innocents at a fueling station.
Ten other people are killed elsewhere.
10/19/06AfghanistanKhost17A suicide bomber kills one other person.
10/19/06IraqKhalis44In a heinous attack, gunmen murder four laborers.
10/19/06IraqKirkuk1174Separate Fedayeen suicide bombers send eleven innocents to
10/19/06IraqKhalis1020Sectarian rivals kill ten innocents with a Ramadan bombing of a
busy market.
10/18/06ThailandYala14Muslim militants open fire on a checkpoint, killing a Thai
10/18/06ThailandNarathiwat10A civilian is shot in the head by Muslim extremists.
10/17/06IraqBaghdad190Nineteen additional victims of sectarian hatred within the
Religion of Peace are found.
10/17/06IraqBasra50Islamic radicals murder four university students and a female
10/17/06IndiaLal Chowk20Two policemen are killed in a Mujahideen attack on a
10/17/06ThailandYala11Militant Muslims gun down a guard at a bank.
10/17/06IraqBalad Ruz51Sunnis storm a house and murder a mother and her four
10/17/06AfghanistanSpin Boldak10Taliban extremists destroy an oil tanker and kill the Pakistani
10/17/06PhilippinesBasilan11Abu Sayyaf militants ambush two off-duty soldiers on their way
to a market.
10/17/06EritreaAdi-Quala20Two Christians are arrested and tortured to death for hosting a
church meeting.
10/17/06IraqHaditha40Four people are kidnapped, tortured and killed by Muslim
10/17/06IndiaBatmaloo10A man is gunned down by Islamic militants.
10/16/06IraqBalad280Twenty-eight more Sunnis are killed by Shias over a 48-hour
period in revenge for an earlier massacre.
10/16/06IraqSuwayra848Eight civilians standing near a bank are cut down by a Jihad car
10/16/06IraqBaghdad460Forty-six victims of sectarian violence within the Religion of
Peace are found tortured and executed over a 24-hour period.
10/16/06IraqKhalis124Four people standing at a bus stop are gunned down by Islamic
terrorists. Eight others are killed in two separate attacks.
10/16/06AfghanistanKandahar42A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills four civilians.
10/16/06ThailandYala20A husband and wife rubber-tapping team are brutally gunned down
by Islamic militants.
10/16/06ThailandYala20Two men are murdered in separate attacks.
10/16/06IraqBaghdad2017Twenty people at a Shiite funeral are killed by two car bombs.
The second was set to kill those rushing to help.
10/16/06IndonesiaSulawesi10A Christian priest is murdered by Muslim gunmen in front of his
10/16/06ThailandRaman20A village leader and colleague are shot to death by Muslim
terrorists as they are returning from a shopping trip.
10/16/06ThailandPattani10A 55-year-old man is machine-gunned to death by Islamic
10/16/06ThailandNarathiwat20A husband and wife are murdered by Muslim gunmen as they are
traveling home from work.
10/15/06IraqBalad310Thirty-one Sunnis are killed in retaliation for an earlier
massacre against Shias.
10/15/06IraqFallujah40Four people are kidnapped and tortured to death by Islamic
10/15/06IraqBaghdad46Four civilians are killed in a Jihad car bombing.
10/15/06IndiaSrinagar20Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists attack two policemen, killing one.
The second officer succumbs to injury a week later.
10/15/06IraqMosul50Five members of a family, including three women, are killed in
their home by Muslim militants.
10/15/06IraqLatifiya80Three women and two children are among eight Shias of a family
killed when radical Sunnis invade their home.
10/15/06AfghanistanKandahar12A local official is assassinated by religious extremists.
10/15/06IraqKirkuk1064Three suicide bombings, including one by a man at a girl's high
school, leave at least ten innocents dead.
10/15/06AlgeriaAin Defla80Islamists from the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat shoot
eight security guards to death.
10/15/06AfghanistanHeart21Two people are killed when the Taliban explode a bomb along a
city street.
10/15/06AfghanistanKhost31Hundreds of Taliban extremists attack a police post, killing at
least three officers.
10/15/06ThailandJoh I Rong11A 21-year-old man is killed by Islamic militants.
10/15/06ThailandChanae11A 30-year-old man is shot and killed by Islamists as he is
riding a motorcycle.
10/14/06AfghanistanKandahar22Two Canadians are killed in a Taliban rocket attack on a road
construction project.
10/14/06IraqBalad150Fifteen Sunnis are killed in revenge for an earlier
10/14/06ThailandNarathiwat10A rubber tapper is murdered by Islamic radicals, who chop his
face beyond recognition.
10/14/06IraqBaghdad250Twenty-five victims of sectarian violence within the Religion of
Peace are found tortured and executed.
10/13/06ThailandPattani10A man is kidnapped and beheaded in front of his 13-year-old
daughter by Islamic radicals.
10/13/06IraqSuwayra82Six women and two children are slaughtered by Muslim gunmen in a
10/13/06ThailandNarathiwat10A middle-aged Buddhist man is shot and killed by Muslim
militants as he is walking home.
10/13/06IraqHilla810Eight people lose their lives to a Muslim bomber.
10/13/06AfghanistanKandahar95Eight civilians are among nine killed by a Fedayeen suicide
10/13/06ThailandNarathiwat10Two Muslims walk into a noodle shop and murder a patron.
10/13/06IraqDuluiya170Seventeen Shiite laborers are decapitated in an orchard by their
Sunni brothers.
10/13/06AlgeriaKabylie10The Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat guns down a man in a
10/12/06ThailandYala10A Buddhist factory worker is shot to death by Muslims.
10/12/06AfghanistanKabul119Two suicide attacks and an ambush at Uruzgan by the Taliban
leave at least one person dead.
10/12/06IraqBaghdad1925Eleven employees of a television station are brutally
slaughtered, some in their sleep. Two other bombings kill another
10/12/06ThailandNarathiwat10Muslim radicals kill a 26-year-old Buddhist in his home.
10/12/06IraqBaqubah120Twelve people are gunned down by Jihadis.
10/12/06IndiaSrinagar38Three policemen are killed in a brutal assault by Islamic
terrorists in the heart of the city.
10/11/06IraqBaghdad42Islamic gunmen murder four members of a family in their
10/11/06IraqBaghdad713Two civilians are killed when Islamic terrorists trigger a car
bomb along a city street. Five laborers are killed in a separate
10/11/06IraqKut60A peasant woman is among six people killed by Jihadis in
separate attacks.
10/11/06PhilippinesPatikul28Abu Sayyaf terrorists kill two government soldiers.
10/11/06IraqBaghdad10A Christian priest is abducted and decapitated by Muslim
extremists. The head is not found with the body.
10/11/06ThailandPattani10A man is gunned down in a drive-by shooting by Islamists.
10/11/06PakistanSaobi10A doctor is killed by religious extremists.
10/11/06PakistanMir Ali10An Afghan refugee is murdered by Islamic fundamentalists.
10/10/06IraqBaqubah120A dozen people are gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
10/10/06AustraliaSouthport11A man stabs his daughter after she tells him she wants to
convert to Christianity. His wife is killed while trying to defend
10/10/06IraqFallujah40Radical Sunnis kidnap and torture four civilians to death.
10/10/06IraqBaghdad6022Sixty victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace
are found over a 24 hour period. Twenty-two others are
10/10/06IraqBaghdad104Islamic fundamentalists bomb a bakery, killing ten
10/10/06IraqMosul70Seven bodies are found here, and four others in Tal Afar,
showing signs of torture at the hands of religious militants.
10/10/06AfghanistanKabul011Eleven people are injured when religious extremists place a
bicycle bomb next to a bus stop.
10/10/06PhilippinesMakilala629A bomb blast at a festival by Islamic militants leaves six dead
and twenty-nine wounded.
10/10/06PhilippinesTacurong City28Islamists set off a bomb in a crowded market at noon, killing
two shoppers.
10/10/06AfghanistanKhushmand30The Taliban execute three civilians.
10/9/06IndiaBandipora10A man is kidnapped and brutally murdered by the
10/9/06AfghanistanKhogyani32Three men are murdered by Islamic extremists as they are
traveling to investigate a school burning.
10/9/06IraqTal Afar111A suicide bomber kills one other person.
10/9/06IraqBaghdad530Police report finding fifty-three victims of sectarian violence
within the Religion of Peace over the last 24 hours.
10/9/06IraqBaghdad1346Islamic terrorists kill thirteen civilians rushing home for
Ramadan in a heinous bomb attack.
10/9/06ThailandNarathiwat21A married couple are murdered by Muslim extremists.
10/8/06ThailandYala10Radical Muslims shoot a man four times in front of his
10/8/06IraqBaqubah100Four civilians are murdered by Islamic radicals. Six bodies are
found elsewhere.
10/8/06IraqBaghdad10A 14-year-old boy is crucified by Islamic radicals in a heinous
10/8/06IraqHaditha50Five civilians are gunned down by Jihadi gunmen.
10/8/06ThailandNarathiwat10A 65-year-old Buddhist is murdered by Muslims while walking
10/8/06IndiaSopore10A dental surgeon is abducted and tortured for two hours before
Islamic militants slit his throat.
10/8/06ThailandPattani10A rubber tapper is shot to death by Islamists.
10/7/06AfghanistanBaghlan20Two German journalists, one of whom was a woman, are murdered in
the countryside.
10/7/06IndiaVesu Achhabal10A civilian is kidnapped and killed by the Mujahideen.
10/7/06IraqBaaj30Three innocent workers are gunned down by Sunni
10/7/06IraqBaghdad510Fifty-one people are killed in sectarian violence within the
Religion of Peace across the city.
10/7/06IraqSamarra20The 8-year-old son of a policeman is gunned down along with his
father by terrorists.
10/7/06ThailandSongkhla20A Buddhist man and his son are shot to death by Islamists.
10/7/06IraqIskandariya24Two members of a family are killed in their sleep by a Jihad
mortar attack on their home.
10/7/06IraqTal Afar1413A suicide truck bomber at a checkpoint blows fourteen other
people to Allah.
10/7/06IraqSinjar22Two religious minorities are gunned down by Islamists.
10/7/06ThailandPattani10Muslims murder a policeman as he travels to work.
10/7/06IraqBaghdad70Two innocent workers at a bakery are among seven people killed
by religious extremists.
10/7/06PakistanTank10A Shia tribal leader is murdered by terrorists.
10/7/06IndiaShalapora10An off-duty soldier is kidnapped by the Mujahideen, who behead
him and scatter the body parts.
10/7/06IndiaRamban12A Muslim tosses a grenade at a police patrol on a city street,
killing one officer.
10/6/06PakistanKalay50Five Sunni family members are killed in a retaliatory mortar
strike by Shias for the earlier event.
10/6/06AfghanistanKhost13A suicide bomber kills a policeman.
10/6/06IraqBaghdad70Seven people are kidnapped and brutally murdered by sectarian
death squads.
10/6/06PakistanKalay148Sunnis mortar a Shia gathering, killing fourteen people.
10/6/06IndiaSrinagar16A civilian is killed when a militant Muslim throws a grenade
into a bus stop.
10/6/06IraqMosul10Radical Sunnis gun down a mother walking with her 5-year-old
10/6/06USALouisville, KY41In an 'honor' attack, a Muslim man rapes and beats his estranged
wife, leaving her for dead, then savagely murders their four
10/5/06IraqBaghdad3228A car bombing adds two additional bodies to thirty more racked
up the Religion of Peace in sectarian violence.
10/5/06AlgeriaBouira80Eight members of a security patrol are killed by Islamic
10/5/06IraqUkashat50Five people are kidnapped and tortured to death by Muslim
10/5/06IraqZaafaraniya56Islamic radicals open fire on a café, killing five
10/5/06IraqAl-Samawa40'Holy Warriors' burst into a house and slaughter three woman and
a 3-year-old girl, who has her throat slit.
10/5/06PakistanKalaya83Eight more people are killed as Sunnis and Shias clash over
ownership of a shrine.
10/4/06IndiaSrinagar830Eight people are killed when Al Mansoorian militants stage a
Fedayeen attack on a government building.
10/4/06SudanKalama21Arab militias attack a DP camp, killing two civilians.
10/4/06DagestanMaka-Kazmalyar13Muslim terrorists kill a policeman and wound three others on a
10/4/06IraqBaghdad1687Jihadis bomb a Christian district, killing sixteen innocents and
injuring many dozens more.
10/4/06IraqMosul20Two Turkish truck drivers are brutally murdered by Sunni
10/4/06IndiaLal Chowk16Muslim militants storm a building housing Hindu relics, killing
at least one security guard.
10/4/06PhilippinesCotabato10A local official is gunned down by Muslim radicals while sitting
in his car.
10/3/06IraqKut20Islamists behead one one woman and burn another to death.
10/3/06IraqSadiyah219A Fedayeen suicide bomber targets a fish market, sending two
people to Allah.
10/3/06IraqRashad20Two civilians are abducted and horribly tortured by Islamic
terrorists, then killed.
10/3/06IraqBaqubah160Seven members of the same family, including a father and three
sons, are among sixteen murdered by Islamic terrorists.
10/3/06AfghanistanKandahar25Two Canadians on a road construction project are murdered by
Taliban extremists.
10/3/06PakistanAli Khan Brohi10A woman is tortured to death by her husband and in-laws for
opposing his plans to take a second wife.
10/3/06IraqGatoun40Four members of a family are murdered by sectarian rivals.
10/2/06ThailandNarathiwat10A woman is shot to death by Islamic radicals while on a shopping
10/2/06IraqBaghdad510Two Jihad bombings net five dead bodies.
10/2/06ThailandPattani20Two people are murdered by Islamic radicals in separate
10/2/06IraqIshaqi30Three men are gunned down by suspected Islamic
10/2/06IraqSuwayra110Seven people are kidnapped and beheaded by Muslim extremists.
Four others are killed in a separate attack.
10/2/06AfghanistanKabul33A religious extremist blows himself up, killing three
10/2/06ThailandSongkhla10A village headsman is ambushed and killed while driving his
10/2/06Pal. Auth.Rafah215A sectarian clash leaves two people dead.
10/2/06PakistanLatrey27Two people are killed in sectarian violence involving a
religious shrine.
10/1/06ThailandYala11Muslim militants gun down a police officer and injure his
4-year-old daughter.
10/1/06IndonesiaPoso01A Christian man is pulled off a bus and stabbed by a Muslim
10/1/06IraqFallujah46Four civilians are killed when Muslim terrorists detonate a bomb
at a vegetable market.
10/1/06AfghanistanMusa Qala50Five civilians are killed in a Taliban landmine attack on their
10/1/06AfghanistanGereshk22The Taliban kill two policemen from the back of a
10/1/06IndiaGool10The body of a 60-year-old man, abducted and murdered by the
Mujahideen, is found.
10/1/06IraqSuwayra90A schoolgirl is among nine people kidnapped and shot in the head
and chest in two locations (Mahmudiya).
10/1/06PakistanSibi10A 12-year-old boy is killed in a landmine blast.
10/1/06EthiopiaJimma1012Ten people are killed, more than a dozen injured, and at least
two churches burned down as Muslims attempt to ban a Christian
10/1/06IraqBaghdad500Fifty victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace
are found by police over a 24-hour period.
9/30/06AfghanistanKabul1240At least a dozen people are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide
9/30/06IraqBaqubah80A father and two sons are among eight brutally murdered by
Islamic terrorists.
9/30/06IraqTal Afar230A suicide bomber murders two people.
9/30/06PakistanBahawlnagar10A Christian is killed by authorities who arrest and imprison him
for 'blaspheming' Islam.
9/29/06AlgeriaOuled Boudekhane20Islamists murder two men outside a mosque.
9/29/06IndiaDessa10A civilian is abducted and killed in captivity by the
9/29/06IraqKirkuk30Two brothers are among three people murdered in their car by
Islamic radicals.
9/28/06IndiaDiwar10A woman is killed inside her home by the Mujahideen two years
after her husband was murdered in similar fashion.
9/28/06IndiaKulgam10A civilian succumbs to injuries suffered from an earlier terror
9/28/06PakistanKhadi10An Afghan refugee is murdered by the Taliban.
9/28/06ThailandSai Buri10A 35-year-old man is gunned down by Muslim militants in his
pick-up truck.
9/28/06ThailandPattani10A man is shot in the head by Islamists after dropping his kids
off at school.
9/27/06ThailandPattani10A Buddhist is murdered by Muslim extremists as he is riding a
9/27/06IraqBaghdad711A woman gunned down on her way to work is among those killed in
three attacks by radical Sunnis.
9/27/06ThailandYala30Muslim teens shoot three Buddhists to death as they are shopping
at a grocery.
9/27/06IraqBaghdad842Two separate Jihad attacks leave at least eight dead and over
forty injured.
9/27/06IraqBaghdad1625A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills at least two other people.
Fourteen other bodies are found elsewhere.
9/27/06ThailandNarathiwat12Muslim terrorists open fire on a grocery, killing one
9/27/06ThailandYala11Islamists shoot a civilian in an ambush that also injures his
6-year-old son.
9/27/06IndiaMaisuma114A Muslim terrorist lobs a grenade into a city street, killing a
police officer.
9/27/06IndiaSrinagar20Two cops are gunned down by the Mujahideen in separate
9/26/06IraqBaghdad4034A series of bomb blasts and other Jihad attacks leave at least
forty dead and dozens more in agony.
9/26/06IraqBaghdad1011A shooting attack on a mosque by Islamic terrorists leaves ten
people dead.
9/26/06IraqBaghdad440Thirty-five victims of sectarian violence are found within the
city and nine more in a river downstream.
9/26/06IndiaKashmir215Two police personnel are killed in separate Mujahideen
9/26/06IraqMahmudiya120Twelve victims of sectarian violence within the Religion of
Peace are found bound, tortured and executed.
9/26/06AfghanistanLashkar Gah1817A Fedayeen suicide bomber blows himself to Allah, taking
eighteen innocent souls with him, including Muslim pilgrims.
9/26/06AfghanistanKabul29Religious extremists kill an Afghan child and an Italian solider
in a remote-controlled bomb attack.
9/25/06SomaliaKismayo12A 13-year-old boy is gunned down by Islamists for taking part in
a protest against their seizure of his city.
9/25/06AfghanistanKandahar10A woman's rights campaigner is shot to death by the
9/25/06IraqJurf al-Sakhar510Muslim radicals target a police station with mortar fire,
killing five officers.
9/25/06IndiaGundana10Islamic radicals kill a medical assistant inside his home.
9/25/06IraqBaiji100The body of one of nine severed heads found two days earlier
surfaces. An intact body is found elsewhere.
9/25/06IndiaMarmat10A village leader is kidnapped by Muslim radicals and killed in
9/25/06IndiaSanglan10A 23-year-old civilian is kidnapped and murdered by the
9/25/06IndiaSrinagar16A policewoman is killed when Muslim militants throw a grenade at
her. A 9-year-old girl is among the injured.
9/25/06RussiaKislovodsk10The Jamaat terrorist group claims responsibility for the Ramadan
shooting of an imam.
9/25/06IndiaJwari20A woman is among two people brutally slain by the Mujahideen in
their village.
9/25/06ThailandYala21A heavily-armed band of Muslim militants assault a small town,
killing two civilians, including a woman.
9/25/06ThailandNarathiwat10A 45-year-old civilian is lured out of his home by Muslim
radicals, then cut down with an assault-weapon.
9/24/06IndiaSopore12Muslim militants toss a grenade at a security patrol, killing
one of the members.
9/24/06IraqFallujah120Jihadis kidnap and torture to death ten people. A father and son
are killed in their home.
9/24/06IndiaSurenda10An 18-year-old woman is murdered by the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen after
she refuses to marry a member.
9/24/06IraqBaghdad217Radical Muslims place bombs outside a Christian cathedral,
intending to kill worshippers. Two people, including a child, are
9/24/06IraqKirkuk40Four young men are murdered by militant Muslims
9/24/06IraqTal Afar23A suicide bomber rams a police checkpoint, killing two and wound
three, including bystanders.
9/24/06IraqBaghdad618Two Jihadi bombings kill six and injure at least eighteen.
9/23/06IraqBaghdad3740'Soldiers of the Prophet's Companions' stage a massive car bomb
in a Shia neighborhood that kills over three-dozen innocents -
mostly women and children.
9/23/06PakistanDera Ghazi Khan214A 14-year-old boy is one of two people killed when radicals
explode a bomb at a cattle market.
9/23/06IraqBaghdad170Radical Shias rampage through Sunni neighborhoods, leaving a
trail of over a dozen bodies.
9/23/06BangladeshDhaka10A university professor is gunned down in his home.
9/23/06IndiaKangan10Islamic terrorists murder a civilian.
9/22/06PakistanSargodha10An 85-year-old Shia cleric is gunned down by radical
9/22/06AfghanistanKandahar193Nineteen innocent laborers are massacred by religious extremists
who bomb their bus then shoot the survivors.
9/22/06PakistanNorth Waziristan10A man is kidnapped and executed by the local Taliban.
9/22/06IraqBaghdad130Three women are among thirteen people tortured and executed by
Muslim terrorists. At least one was beheaded.
9/22/06AfghanistanJalalabad10The Taliban kill a Pakistani truck driver during an attack on
oil tankers.
9/22/06LebanonEin Al Hulwa10al-Ansar terrorists open fire, killing a Palestinian man.
9/21/06IndiaTangmarg14A 13-year-old boy is killed when Muslim terrorists throw a
grenade into the street.
9/21/06PakistanHaripur83A schoolchild is among eight killed when gunmen open up on a
family van.
9/21/06IndiaDamhal Hanjipora10A 20-year-old man is kidnapped from his home and murdered by the
9/21/06IraqMosul20Two sisters are brutally murdered by the Mujahideen.
9/21/06IraqKarbala30Three civilians are shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
9/21/06IraqBaghdad380Thirty-eight victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of
Peace are found tortured and executed around the city.
9/21/06IraqBaghdad2822Six Jihad attacks leave two-dozen Iraqis dead and several more
with burns and bullet wounds.
9/21/06ChechnyaGrozny50Five Russians are brutally slaughtered by Muslim gunmen at
point-blank range as they are sitting in a vehicle.
9/20/06IndiaDoda10A 36-year-old woman is killed in her home by the
9/20/06IndiaGul Zada32Local Islamists riddle a car full of bullets at a traffic stop,
killing three occupants.
9/20/06IraqMosul10A young female teacher is kidnapped by Islamic militants, who
gouge out her eyes and mutilate her.
9/20/06IraqSamarra126A Fedayeen suicide bomber runs his car into a house, killing a
young boy and injuring twenty-six others.
9/20/06AfghanistanWardak12Religious extremists attack three policemen, killing one and
severing the leg of another.
9/20/06IraqBaghdad4315Forty-two people are killed in a suicide bombing and various
acts of sectarian violence around the city.
9/19/06IraqSherqat1811Jihadis exterminate eighteen Iraqis with a car bomb followed by
a suicide blast.
9/19/06IraqMahmudiya137Thirteen people are murdered by Islamic radicals in at least two
separate attacks.
9/19/06AfghanistanHelmand10The Taliban execute a Turkish engineer taken prisoner three
weeks earlier.
9/19/06IraqBaqubah110Islamic gunmen kill at least eleven people across the city in a
spasm of religious violence.
9/19/06IraqBaghdad1244Muslim radicals bomb a gas station, killing two civilians. They
also mortar a residential neighborhood killing an additional
9/19/06PakistanBajaur05Five women are injured when Taliban terrorists bomb their car as
punishment for working at a humanitarian agency.
9/19/06KosovoKlina04Four elderly Serbs are injured when Muslims throw a bomb through
their apartment window.
9/19/06CanadaOttawa, ON20A Muslim man guns down his sister and her fiance because they
were living together before marriage.
9/18/06PakistanLaddha10A tribesman is lynched by the local Taliban.
9/18/06IraqTal Afar2127Muslim radicals bomb a marketplace, massacring twenty-one
innocent shoppers.
9/18/06IraqMosul40Islamic radicals kidnap and torture four women to death.
9/18/06SomaliaBaidoa518At least five people are killed in a car bomb attack on the
Somali president.
9/18/06IraqRamadi1310A suicide bomber blows himself to Allah, taking more than a
dozen unwilling souls with him.
9/18/06AfghanistanKafir Band439Four Canadian soliders, and an unknown number of civilians are
killed when a suicide bomber on a bicycle targets a patrol handing
out candy to children.
9/18/06IraqBaquba45Sunnis gun down four members of a Shia family.
9/18/06AfghanistanHeart1217A dozen innocents are blown apart by a Fedayeen suicide bomber
on a motorbike.
9/18/06IraqBaghdad2713Twenty-seven people are murdered by Jihadis in various attacks
around the country.
9/18/06AfghanistanKabul411At least four people are killed in a suicide car bombing.
9/17/06SomaliaMogadishu20A 70-year-old nun working at a childrens' hospital is shot to
death by radical Muslims, along with a guard.
9/17/06IraqBaghdad240Twenty-four more tortured and executed victims of sectarian
hatred within the Religion of Peace are found.
9/17/06IraqBaqubah23Jihadis attack an electrical plant, killing two guards.
9/17/06AfghanistanHelmand20Two policemen are murdered by Taliban extremists in a roadside
9/17/06IraqKirkuk2163Two suicide bomb attacks by 'Holy Warriors' take the lives of at
least twenty-one innocents.
9/17/06AfghanistanKandahar111A suicide bomber kills an innocent civilian in a blast along a
city street.
9/16/06ThailandHat Yai579At least five patrons of a shopping district are killed when
Muslim militants set off six separate bombs.
9/16/06IraqBaghdad470Forty-seven more tortured and executed victims of sectarian
hatred within the Religion of Peace are found.
9/16/06AfghanistanKabul31Three humanitarian workers are blown apart by the Taliban.
9/16/06IraqRamadi48Jihadis send four civilians to Allah with a roadside incendiary
9/16/06IraqBaghdad322Two bombs, including one strapped to a corpse, kill three
9/16/06IraqBaghdad10Muslims stab a Christian to death in a marketplace in
retaliation for the pope's remarks.
9/16/06IraqSamarra40An al-Qaeda ambush leaves four tribesman dead.
9/15/06IraqMussayab10Islamic radicals kidnap a man, cut off his legs and head, then
dump his body in the river.
9/15/06IraqBaghdad220The bodies of two-dozen more victims of sectarian hatred are
found across the city.
9/15/06ThailandNarathiwat10A man is killed in his home by militant Muslims.
9/15/06ThailandNarathiwat21Two civilians are brutally shot to death by Islamic militants
while traveling on a road.
9/15/06YemenHaradmut10One of two suicide attacks on oil facilities in Yemen nets the
death of a guard.
9/15/06IndiaWatergam17al-Mansoorian terrorists attack an Indian security patrol,
killing one member.
9/15/06IraqBaghdad10A Christian is killed when radical Muslims attack a Catholic
9/15/06IndiaSurankote15A young boy is killed when Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists lob a
grenade into his family's home.
9/14/06AfghanistanBakwa22Religious extremists attack a police station, killing two
9/14/06IraqBaghdad320The tortured bodies of thirty-two victims of sectarian hatred
are found.
9/14/06IndiaHathiwara10A photographer is kidnapped and beheaded by the Religion of
9/14/06SudanOtash49Arab militia attacks a group of refugees, killing at least
9/14/06IraqBaghdad1039Islamic terrorists set off two bombs, one at a photography shop
and the other in a city street, killing ten innocents.
9/14/06IraqBaghdad225A religious extremist targets a U.S. patrol in a suicide attack,
killing two soldiers.
9/13/06AfghanistanFarah10A UN humanitarian worker is murdered by Muslim militants on a
9/13/06IraqBaghdad1457Jihadis kill fourteen people on a city street with a car bomb
packed with shrapnel.
9/13/06IraqBaghdad690Sixty-nine victims of sectarian violence are found bound,
tortured and murdered over a 24-hour period.
9/12/06IraqBani Saad73Seven Shia worshippers are murdered in their own mosque by Sunni
="" bombers="">
9/12/06TurkeyAmed1013An ultra-nationalist group with Islamist ties bombs a bus stop,
killing ten Kurds, including seven children.
9/12/06SyriaDamascus114Terrorists shouting 'Allah Akbar' detonate a car bomb and
attempt to storm the U.S. embassy. A Syrian guard is killed.
9/12/06IraqBaghdad615Six civilians are shredded by a Jihadi car bomb in a commercial
9/12/06IndiaThandi Dhok20A husband and wife are murdered in their home by the
9/11/06IraqBaghdad167Sixteen people are blown to bits by a suicidal Sunni on a
9/11/06IraqBaghdad43Four civilians are killed in a Jihadi shrapnel bombing.
9/11/06IndiaKulgam10A security official succumbs to injuries from a terrorist
9/11/06AfghanistanKhost636A 12-year-old boy is among six people murdered by a suicide
bomber at a funeral for a previous victim of a suicide
9/11/06ThailandYala14A Buddhist woman is gunned down by militant Muslims in her
grocery store.
9/10/06AfghanistanGardez33A suicide bomber kills a regional official and two others.
9/10/06IraqMosul10A barber is murdered by religious fundamentalists.
9/10/06IraqBaghdad629Two car bombs set by Islamic militants kill at least six
9/10/06PakistanWana10A tribal leader is gunned down by Islamists as he is walking
9/10/06IraqTuz Khurmato41Jihadi gunmen murder four oil workers.
9/9/06IndiaAhlan10A civilian is killed by Islamic militants.
9/9/06IndiaDoda11The Mujahideen gun down a man and seriously injure his
9/9/06IndiaDoda20The Mujahideen raid a police station, killing two officers and
stealing weapons.
9/9/06IndiaBandipore11Islamic terrorists open fire on a fruit vendor.
9/9/06PakistanMiramshah10The local Taliban pump a 70-year-old man full of bullets and
leave him with a note attached to his body.
9/9/06PakistanGarjakh20A man murders his nephew and nephew's girlfriend for an 'illicit
9/9/06IndonesiaPoso10A young Christian woman is killed when Islamic radicals throw a
bomb at her house.
9/9/06IraqMosul11A 10-year-old boy is killed and his mother injured inside their
home by Muslim terrorists.
9/9/06IraqBaghdad2151Jihadis murder twenty-one innocents in a series of bombing and
shooting attacks across the city.
9/9/06IndiaSonwar11A taxi driver is killed, and a young girl severely injured in a
Mujahideen attack.
9/9/06IraqBaiji33Three civilians are killed in separate bombings.
9/8/06IraqBaghdad70Seven victims of sectarian violence are found bound, tortured
and executed.
9/8/06PakistanBarkhan521Five people are killed in the bombing of a bus station.
9/8/06AfghanistanKabul1830The lives of eighteen people are snuffed out by a Fedayeen
suicide bomber in a downtown blast.
9/8/06IraqBaghdad36A woman and child are among three people killed by an incendiary
bomb planted by Islamic terrorists.
9/8/06IndiaMalegaon31297Pakistani-backed militants are thought to be responsible for
multiple bomb blasts that leave thirty-one dead and three-hundred
9/8/06IndiaDoda10A man is kidnapped by the Mujahideen. He dies two days later
from injuries suffered.
9/7/06IndiaBudbug10The Mujahideen invade a home and kill a resident.
9/7/06SomaliaMogadishu10A young college student is murdered after converting from Islam
to Christianity.
9/7/06Pal. Auth.Nablus10A 28-year-old man is gunned down by Palestinian
9/7/06IraqBaghdad3664Islamic terrorists mow down nearly forty people in various
attacks around the country.
9/7/06IndiaSrinagar10A high school student succumbs to injuries suffered from a
terror attack the week before.
9/7/06AfghanistanKabul311Three British soldiers die in a single day from attacks by
religious extremists.
9/7/06IraqSuwayra30A woman is among three people tortured and beheaded by Islamic
9/6/06IndonesiaTangkuran10A Christian is killed in a bombing attack by militant
9/6/06PakistanKaga10A 12-year-old girl is killed in her home by al-Qaeda backed
9/6/06AfghanistanYaqubi21A sucide bomber kills a teacher and one other person.
9/6/06IraqBaghdad2738A horrible car bombing kills eight Iraqis and injures dozens
more. The bodies of nineteen victims of sectarian violence are found
9/5/06ThailandYala12An older woman is killed in her home by Islamists.
9/5/06ThailandNarathiwat10Muslims gun down a man sitting in a tea shop.
9/5/06IraqBaghdad186Eighteen innocents are murdered in at least four separate terror
attacks around the country.
9/5/06IraqBaghdad43Four Shia pilgrims are gunned down in two attacks by Sunni
extremists (the other in Latifiya).
9/5/06ThailandNarathiwat10Muslim militants set fire to a house, killing a 61-year-old
9/5/06IndiaSopore10The Hizb-ul-Mujahideen murder a student returning home from
9/5/06LebanonRmeileh44Four members of a detail investigating a Christian's death are
themselves killed in a bombing by Muslim radicals.
9/5/06SudanKhartoum10A newspaper editor is kidnapped and beheaded by Islamic
hard-liners after publishing an article questioning Muhammad's
9/5/06PakistanPhuldayun10A Muslim man guns down his wife, a young mother, in an 'honor'
9/4/06AfghanistanParwan31Religious extremists attack a police vehicle, killing three
9/4/06AfghanistanKabul67Six civilians are killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber. The
casualties included children.
9/4/06IraqBasra22Islamic terrorists attack a British patrol, killing two
9/4/06JordanAmman15A terrorist yells, 'Allah Akbar' while gunning down a British
tourist and injuring five others.
9/4/06IndiaKashmir711Seven Indian troops are killed in three separate attacks by
Islamic militants.
9/4/06PhilippinesJolo520Abu Sayyaf militants kill five troops trying to apprehend two
Bali bombers.
9/4/06IndiaTangmarg20An off-duty soldier and his kid brother are brutally murdered by
Islamic extremists.
9/4/06IraqBaghdad330Thirty-three victims are found tortured and executed by
sectarian rivals.
9/3/06IraqBaqubah50A father and four young children are blown up by Islamic
radicals as they are traveling in their car.
9/3/06TurkeyIstanbul10An Imam is stabbed to death by a religious fanatic.
9/3/06IraqKhalis419Muslim terrorists bomb a market, killing at least four
9/3/06IraqBaghdad615Jihadis mortar a residential neighborhood, killing six people,
including two children.
9/2/06AlgeriaAdekar45Islamic fundamentalists ambush a security patrol and kill four
9/2/06AlgeriaOuled Hamza20Two community guards are murdered by Islamic
9/2/06AfghanistanNimroz410The Taliban kill four Afghan police officers and abduct ten
9/2/06AfghanistanHelmand31The Taliban muder three police at a checkpoint.
9/2/06IraqBaghdad936A series of bombings and sectarian shootings leave at least nine
civilians dead.
9/2/06IraqKarbala170Fourteen South Asian pilgrims are massacred by Sunni terrorists,
along with three other locals.
9/2/06IndiaGani Hamam10A vegetable vendor is murdered by the Mujahideen.
9/1/06IndiaDarwashbagh10Islamic militants abduct and murder a civilian.
9/1/06IraqMahmudiya13A child is killed inside a home that Jihadis try to level with a
9/1/06PakistanNeelum Valley23Two Christian children of missionaries are brutally murdered.
The girl had her breast cut off and was raped.
9/1/06IndiaPulwama12A man is murdered by the Mujahideen in an attack that also
injures two family members.
8/31/06IndiaDangiwacha10Islamic terrorists invade a home and kill the daughter of a
8/31/06IraqJbela18A wedding party is the target of a terrorist bombing.
8/31/06IraqBaghdad411Jihadis target a police patrol, killing four officers.
8/31/06ThailandYala127Islamists set off two dozen bombs in garbage cans, killing at
least one person.
8/31/06IndiaSaroti20Islamic terrorists brutally murder two police officers.
8/31/06IraqBaghdad63282Sunni radicals send rockets into a Shia neighborhood,
slaughtering over sixty people, including twenty-four women and
nineteen young children.
8/31/06IndiaDawoocha10The Mujahideen murder a woman in her home.
8/31/06PakistanKarachi10A Muslim guns down a cleric over allegations that he is
insulting Islamic teachings and the prophet.
8/31/06SudanBuram3823Arab militias wipe out several villages killing dozens. The true
figures may run into the hundreds.
8/31/06IraqBaqubah20Two brothers working in a cotton shop are brutally slain by
Sunni radicals.
8/30/06IraqBaghdad2435Sunnis bomb a crowded market, slaughtering two dozen and leaving
many more in physical agony.
8/30/06IraqBuhriz52A child and three women are among five members of a family
murdered in the car by militant Muslims.
8/30/06IraqNumaniya30Three Shia brothers are shot to death by radical Sunnis.
8/30/06IraqDiwaniya130Thirteen Iraqi soldiers are captured and brutally executed by
Islamic militants.
8/30/06IraqHilla1438Fourteen people outside a recruiting center are blown to bits by
Islamic terrorists.
8/30/06PakistanNorth Waziristan20Two men are beheaded in separate attacks by the local
8/30/06IndiaDevar Lolab11Islamic terrorists kill a policeman and injure a civilian.
8/30/06IraqKirkuk410A suicidal Sunni on a bus kills four other humans.
8/30/06PakistanWana10A 14-year-old boy is abducted and murdered by the
8/29/06IraqBaqubah215Twenty-one victims of sectarian violence are found in and around
the city.
8/29/06IndiaBudgam10Terrorists slit the throat of a 17-year-old boy.
8/29/06AfghanistanKandahar21A suicide bomber kills two civilians.
8/29/06IraqBaghdad2014Twenty civilians are kidnapped and killed in at least two
separate attacks.
8/29/06IraqBaiji11Religious fundamentalists gun down a bakery worker.
8/29/06IngushetiaNazran10A police officer is gunned down by Muslim militants.
8/28/06PakistanNaushki10A mob enters the home of a barber and shoots him to death.
8/28/06AfghanistanHeart10A Turkish engineer is murdered by religious extremists while
traveling on a highway.
8/28/06AfghanistanKabul10A second Turkish engineer is murdered in a garage by the
8/28/06ThailandYala10A man is murdered by Islamic terrorists at a petrol
8/28/06PakistanNorth Waziristan10Islamists kidnap a man, pump him full of bullets, then attach a
note to his body.
8/28/06ThailandNarathiwat10Muslim militants attack a man delivering donuts, killing him and
then cutting off his ears.
8/28/06AfghanistanLeskergah1941Nineteen innocents at a marketplace are blown to bits by a
Taliban suicide bomber. The casualties included fifteen
8/28/06IraqBaghdad2062A Fedayeen suicide bomber ends the lives of sixteen others near
the entrance to a government building. Four others are shot to
8/27/06IraqKhalis915Jihadis bomb a food market, killing at least nine patrons.
8/27/06IraqBaghdad1245Two bombs, one hidden on a minibus and the other outside a
newspaper office, leave a dozen Iraqis dead and forty others in
8/27/06IraqAbara30Two brothers and their cousin are brutally slain by Religion of
Peace rivals.
8/27/06IraqBasra70Seven people are killed by a bomb hidden on a motorcycle.
8/27/06IraqKhalis1625Terrorists storm a house and a café, killing sixteen people,
including those rushing in to help the victims.
8/26/06IngushetiaOssetian Border31Terrorists attack a vehicle, killing three Russians
8/26/06ThailandYala25Two Thai soldiers are killed by a remote-controlled roadside
8/26/06IraqBasra40Four civilians are killed in two separate attacks, including a
8/26/06IraqBaqubah411Sunnis attack a Shia family, killing two women and two
8/26/06IraqIskandaria317Three people are blown apart in a Jihad car bombing.
8/26/06KosovoKosovska Mitrovica09Nine people are injured when a Muslim hurls a bomb into a
8/26/06ThailandYala10Muslim militants ambush two pick-up trucks carrying soldiers,
killing at least one.
8/26/06IraqTikrit32Sunni extremists storm a bakery and murder three Shia
8/25/06IraqBaqubah90Nine people are killed by Jihadis in various attacks.
8/25/06IraqBalad Ruz33Three teenage boys playing soccer are blown apart in a Jihadi
8/25/06AfghanistanGhazni22The Taliban kill two local officials in an attack on a
8/25/06ThailandYala10A 25-year-old man is murdered by terrorists as he sat in his
8/25/06IndiaDoda10A woman is shot to death by the Mujahideen.
8/24/06IraqBaghdad29A suicide car bomber kill two civilians.
8/24/06IraqBalad30Jihadis kill three policemen.
8/24/06IraqMosul70Seven civilians, including five members of the same family, are
murdered by sectarian rivals.
8/23/06PakistanSindh511Five members of a family, including a 3-year-old girl, are
murdered in their home in an honor killing.
8/23/06IraqMosul111A suicidal Sunni kills a woman with explosives.
8/23/06IraqBaqubah140Fourteen victims of sectarian violence are found here and in
8/23/06ThailandNarathiwat10A schoolteacher is gunned down by Muslim militants as he is on
his way to teach.
8/23/06ThailandNarathiwat10Militant Muslims murder a community guard.
8/22/06AfghanistanKandahar23A young girl and a Canadian soldier are murdered by a Fedayeen
suicide bomber.
8/22/06IraqBaghdad71Seven civilians in a house are mowed down by Muslim
8/22/06AfghanistanGayan50Religious extremists ambush a police vehicle, killing all five
officers inside.
8/22/06IraqBaqubah70Islamic militants bomb a market, killing seven people.
8/21/06ThailandYala30Three Buddhist civilians are gunned down in an orchard by
Islamic radicals.
8/21/06IndiaBaramulla10The Mujahideen gun down a man near his house.
8/21/06ThailandNarathiwat10A man is murdered by Muslim terrorists in his living room.
8/20/06AfghanistanPanjwai511The Taliban attack a police post, killing at least five
8/20/06IraqBaqubah60Six Iraqis, including two brothers, are gunned down by Islamic
8/20/06ThailandPattani11Muslim gunmen fire into a truck loaded with laborers, killing
8/20/06IngushetiaAlkhasty20Islamic militants are suspected in two nighttime attacks on
police officers in their homes. One was set on fire in front of his
8/20/06IraqJurf al-Sakhar20Two civilians are brutally killed by Islamic terrorists.
8/20/06AfghanistanHelmand30Three policemen are killed by a Taliban remote-controlled
8/20/06IraqBaghdad20302Sunni snipers take down sixteen Shia pilgrims taking part in a
religious festival.
8/19/06IsraelBekaot10An Israeli is killed by a Fatah gunman in the West Bank.
8/19/06ThailandNarathiwat10Radical Islamists shoot a plantation worker as he is riding a
motorcycle to his job.
8/19/06IraqBaqubah120A dozen farmers, university professors and students are gunned
down by sectarian radicals.
8/19/06AfghanistanPaktika10A man is murdered by the Taliban.
8/19/06ThailandYala10Islamic terrorists shoot a man to death on a city street.
8/19/06AlgeriaTelagh21Fundamentalists slit the throats of two victims, then place a
bomb under the bodies to kill civil workers.
8/19/06EgyptCairo10A Christian cobbler is stabbed to death by an angry
8/18/06ThailandNarathiwat10A 58-year-old man is murdered in front of his house by militant
8/18/06IraqBaghdad70Seven Shiite pilgrims are gunned down by Sunni terrorists while
en route to a religious ceremony.
8/17/06IraqBaqubah90Three brothers are among nine people assassinated by Islamic
8/17/06IraqSuwayra60Six victims of sectarian violence are fished out of a river,
blindfolded and showing signs of torture..
8/17/06IraqDaquq21A bomb blast ends the lives of two civilians.
8/17/06ThailandPattani20Two men are shot off their motorbikes by Muslim terrorists in
separate attacks.
8/17/06IndiaSrinagar32Three policemen are killed in separate attacks.
8/17/06IndiaBudgam10In a gruesome attack, militant Muslims kidnap a craftsman and
then cut off his head.
8/17/06IraqBaghdad328Sunnis use a car bomb to kill three Shia civilians.
8/17/06IndiaWutligam10A civilian is shot to death by the Mujahideen.
8/16/06IraqBaghdad828Religious radicals set off a bomb at a flea market, killing
eight shoppers.
8/16/06IngushetiaNazran11A Russian is killed when Islamic separatists attack his vehicle
with automatic weapons.
8/16/06IraqMuqdadiya720A female suicide bomber kills seven innocents at a bus
8/16/06IraqBaghdad1343Jihadis massacre thirteen innocents with a twin bomb attack in a
commercial district.
8/16/06AfghanistanGhazni11The Taliban murder a police officer.
8/15/06PhilippinesBasilan10Abu Sayyaf is suspected in the assassination of a high school
8/15/06IraqMosul936A Fedayeen suicide bomber slaughters nine other people outside a
political office.
8/15/06IraqMuqdadiya30Islamic radicals gun down three bakers.
8/14/06ThailandYala10Islamic fundamentalists murder a pork seller.
8/14/06IraqMosul61Muslim gunmen kill six civilians in three separate attacks,
including three blacksmiths.
8/14/06ThailandYala10A 56-year-old man is shot seven times in the head by Islamic
8/14/06ThailandPattani10A rubber plantation worker is murderd by Islamic
8/14/06IndiaSopore10A grenade attack on a bus stop fatally injures a civilian.
8/13/06PhilippinesJolo30Abu Sayyaf kidnappers stab a businesswoman to death and behead
her son after taking them captive. A policeman trying to rescue them
is killed as well.
8/13/06PakistanBaltistan11A bomb hidden in a toy kills a 14-year-old girl.
8/13/06ThailandNarathiwat12A man is killed by Muslim gunmen in a drive-by shooting while he
is having tea. Two elderly patrons are wounded.
8/13/06IndiaShopian11Harkat-ul-Mujahideen kill a 20-year-old woman and leave her
sister-in-law critically injured.
8/13/06AfghanistanBermel56Five Afghan soliders are killed when the Taliban stage a terror
attack on their post.
8/13/06ThailandNarathiwat412Islamic radicals kill a shopowner to draw police, then detonate
a bomb, killing three additional civilians and injuring
8/13/06IraqBaghdad62148Sunni bombers massacre Shiites in a series of neighborhood
bombings, racking up over sixty dead and one-hundred and fifty
8/13/06IsraelShlomi121Hezbollah fires rockets into an Israeli neighborhood, killing a
70-year-old man in his home.
8/13/06Pal. Auth.Jenin10Islamic Jihad executes a man in front of a crowd of
8/12/06IraqBaghdad39Three civilians are killed when Jihadis place a shrapnel bomb in
a residential neighborhood.
8/12/06IraqMosul124Jihadis murder a dozen Iraqi civilians in a series of bombing
and shooting attacks.
8/12/06ThailandNarathiwat10Islamists shoot a policeman in the back as he is leaving his
8/12/06ThailandPattani10A policeman is gunned down by Muslim militants while on
8/12/06ThailandYala10A circus owner is killed by two Muslim terrorists posing as
8/12/06IndiaDrogian20Two elderly people are shot to death in their homes by Islamic
8/12/06ItalyBrescia10A 20-year-old girl is killed by her family for having a
relationship with a non-Muslim.
8/11/06PhilippinesPikit20Two policemen are ambushed and executed by the Moro Islamic
Liberation Front.
8/11/06IraqBaghdad60Religious radicals kidnap, torture and murder six members of a
rival sect.
8/11/06AfghanistanGhazni21Two civilians are killed by a roadside bombing.
8/11/06AfghanistanGhazni10Religious extremists kill a man outside his home.
8/11/06AfghanistanNuristan34Three U.S. soldiers are killed when Taliban militants bombard
their patrol with rockets.
8/11/06AfghanistanSpin Boldak10A suicide bomber kills a Canadian soldier in a transport
8/11/06IndiaArra30A Hindu mother and her two young children are brutally slain in
their home by Muslim fanatics.
8/10/06IraqNajaf35122At least 35 innocent people at a market are blown to bits by an
Islamic fanatic wrapped in explosives.
8/10/06IsraelDir el-Asad211A young mother and her 4-year-old son are blown apart in their
home by a Katyusha rocket.
8/10/06IsraelKarmiel10A baby girl is killed by Hezbollah rockets fired on her family's
8/10/06IsraelJerusalem10An Italian tourist is stabbed to death by a Palestinian
8/10/06PhilippinesNorth Cotabato15A bombing attack by Islamic militants leaves one dead and five
8/10/06IndiaPattan12The Mujahideen gun down a civilian and injure his wife and
8/9/06ThailandYala10An elderly gas station owner is shot to death in a Muslim terror
8/9/06IngushetiaNazran113Radicals bomb a prosecutor's house, killing his brother.
8/9/06IraqBaghdad182Terrorists open fire on a street vendor grilling fish, killing
five civilians. Thirteen other bodies are found elsewhere.
8/9/06PakistanAngoor Adda10An elderly man is shot to death by Islamic militants.
8/8/06ThailandYala10A rubber tapper is murdered by Islamic terrorists.
8/8/06IraqMuqdadiya30Three people are shot to death by Jihad militants, including a
8/8/06IraqBaghdad150Fifteen bodies are found by police from sectarian
8/8/06IraqBaqubah520At least five people were killed when Muslim radicals blow up an
apartment building in the middle of the night.
8/8/06IraqBaghdad1069Muslim terrorists set off two bombs at a bustling market,
killing at least ten people.
8/8/06DagestanMakhachkala30Islamic separatists bomb a government official's convoy, killing
three people.
8/7/06IraqKhalis47Terrorists blow up a minibus, killing four civilians..
8/7/06IraqFallujah62Six civilians are killed when Sunni terrorists set off a bomb by
the side of a road.
8/7/06RussiaKarachaevsk10A local Imam is gunned down by Islamists for performing
8/7/06IraqBaqubah615A senseless attack on a checkpoint by Sunni terrorists leaves at
least six Iraqi soldiers dead.
8/7/06PakistanGarhiyoum10A tribal leader is abducted and beheaded by Muslim
8/7/06AfghanistanDaigh20A 70-year-old woman and her 13-year-old grandson are pulled from
their home and hanged by the Taliban.
8/7/06IndiaDonipawa10A civilian is abducted and murdered by the Mujahideen.
8/6/06IsraelKfar Giladi1214Hezbollah successfully hits a gathering of people in a
community, killing twelve Israelis.
8/6/06ThailandTala10A rubber plantation worker is machine-gunned to death by Islamic
8/6/06ThailandPattani10A 52-year-old Buddhist civilian is gunned down by Muslims.
8/6/06IraqTikrit1522Fifteen mourners at a funeral are slaughtered by a suicide
8/6/06IsraelHaifa3189A crowded residential area is the target of Hezbollah rockets.
An Israeli woman is among three dead.
8/6/06IndiaSopore117A woman is killed when Islamic terrorists lob a grenade into the
8/6/06IraqBaghdad160Police discover sixteen victims of sectarian violence in two
location in the country. Women were among the dead.
8/5/06IraqBaghdad90Radicals kidnap and torture to death nine members of a rival
Muslim sect.
8/5/06Israelal-Aramshe34A 60-year-old Arab-Israeli woman and her two daughters are
killed when a Hezbollah rocket lands in their home.
8/5/06IndiaPoonch10The Mujahideen capture a village head, beat him up and then
shoot him in the head.
8/4/06IsraelKarmiel282Two people are killed and dozens injured by more 'Party of
Allah' rockets.
8/4/06IraqHadhar1012A Fedayeen suicide bomber plows his car into a crowd of
specators at a soccer game, killing at least ten.
8/4/06IraqDujail48Muslim terrorists barge into a home and kill four family
8/4/06IsraelMughar12The mother of two young children is killed in her living room by
a Hezbollah rocket.
8/4/06AfghanistanKandahar22Two children are killed when religious extremists lob an
explosive into a house.
8/4/06IraqKut70Seven people are kidnapped and beheaded by Islamic
8/4/06IraqUbaydi39Three civilians are killed when Jihadis lob mortars into their
8/3/06TajikistanDushanbe10An Islamist kills himself and a police officer with a
8/3/06ThailandNarathiwat11Islamic militants shoot a mechanic to death and seriously injure
a 5-year-old girl.
8/3/06IsraelMa'a lot30Three Arab Israelis are killed by a Hezbollah rocket
8/3/06IsraelAcre592Five Israeli civilians, including a father and daughter, are
killed during a 90-minute rocket barrage on their town from
8/3/06IraqBahgdad1032Allah's butchers detonate a bomb in a rubbish pile, killing at
least ten bystanders.
8/3/06IraqWajihiya40Muslim radicals invade a home, killing three women and a
8/3/06IraqMussayab322Jihad gunmen attack a wedding party, killing three
8/3/06AfghanistanKandahar2113A Shaheed martyr murders twenty-one innocents at a market by
detonating explosives strapped to his body.
8/2/06IraqBaghdad39Three day laborers looking for work are blown to bits by Islamic
8/2/06IraqBaghdad1214Children as young as 11 are blown apart when Sunnis deliberately
target a soccer match with a bomb hidden in a gym bag.
8/2/06IraqSuwayra110Eleven bound and tortured bodies, victims of sectarian violence,
are pulled from a river.
8/2/06IsraelNahariya10An Israeli man is killed by a Hezbollah rocket while riding his
8/2/06ThailandSongkhla31Thai Islamists kill three policeman with a bomb planted along a
railroad track.
8/2/06IraqBaghdad1437Islamic terrorists target a bank with bombs, killing more than a
dozen innocents.
8/2/06ThailandPattani10Islamists kill a guard at a construction site with a bomb.
8/2/06IraqDiwaniya10Radical Muslims murder an employee of a human rights group
outside his home.
8/2/06IraqBeiji240Two-dozen people aboard a bus are slaughtered by a
remote-controlled bomb operated by radical Sunnis.
8/1/06IndiaSrinagar42Four Indian soldiers are shot to death by Islamic militants in
two separate attacks. One was outside a hospital, and the other a
shopping area.
8/1/06AfghanistanHelmand31A Taliban ambush on a NATO patrol leaves three British soldiers
8/1/06IraqBaghdad5691At least fifty-six people are killed in five Jihad attacks by
sectarian militants. Most are burned or blasted to death in
7/31/06AfghanistanFarmay Adha816The Taliban bomb a memorial service at a mosque, killing
7/31/06IndiaKangan10A man is abducted and murdered by the Mujahideen.
7/30/06IraqIskandariya411Jihadis bomb a group of civilians traveling along a road,
killing four.
7/30/06IraqBaghdad150Fifteen victims of Religion of Peace sectarian violence are
found in various parts of the city bearing signs of torture.
7/30/06ThailandNarathiwat10A man is abducted and shot in the head by Islamic
7/30/06ThailandYala11A Muslim terrorist poses as a fruit seller in order to gain the
confidence of two other fruit sellers, who he then guns down.
7/30/06Iraqal-Rasheed230In a horrible massacre, a dozen armed Sunnis force three
minibuses of Shia pilgrams off the road, forcibly disembark the
passengers, then machine-gun them to death.
7/29/06IraqSuwayra20Two Iraqi soldiers are kidnapped and beheaded.
7/29/06IraqKirkuk315Jihadis kill three people with a car bomb.
7/28/06SomaliaMogadishu10Suspected Islamic terrorist assassinates a government
7/28/06USASeattle, WA15An 'angry' Muslim-American barges into a local Jewish center and
shoots six women, one of whom dies.
7/28/06IraqBaghdad46A bomb planted between a mosque and a youth center kills four
7/28/06IngushetiaNazran20Two Russians are killed when Muslim sniper target their
7/28/06AfghanistanTagab111Religious extremists attack a police post, killing at least one
7/28/06JordanAmman10A woman is hacked to death by relatives after delivering a baby
7/27/06IraqBaghdad32101A car bombing and mortar attacks by Jihadis on a shopping
district rack up more than thirty dead bodies.
7/27/06IraqBaghdad190The bodies of nineteen abductees showing signs of torture are
found in various parts of the capital.
7/27/06IndiaDoda16A 14-year-old girl is killed when a militant Muslim tosses a
grenade at her family.
7/27/06IsraelAbus10al-Fatah terrorists kidnap a 60-year-old Israeli man and then
murder him, leaving his body in the truck of a burning car.
7/26/06AfghanistanZabul18Religious extremists fire on a truck carrying road workers,
killing one of them.
7/26/06IndiaSajan10Muslim terrorists slit a young girl's throat.
7/26/06IndiaRenipora30Three Indian troops are killled in a Mujahideen ambush.
7/26/06AfghanistanKandahar40Four security guards are killed by the Taliban while in route to
help another victim.
7/25/06IraqBaghdad250The bodies of twenty-five abductees are found in four separate
locations across the country.
7/25/06AfghanistanKabul24The Taliban kill two civilians with a roadside bomb. Four others
are injured.
7/25/06IsraelKfar Mrar148A 15-year-old girl is killed by a Hezbollah rocket.
7/25/06ThailandNarathiwat10The employee of a wood-processing plant is killed by Islamic
7/25/06IraqKarbala30Three members of a wedding party are gunned down in a drive-by
7/25/06ThailandPattani10Militant Muslims shoot a man off of his motorcycle as he is
riding to work.
7/25/06IraqBaqubah50Five farmers are kidnapped, tortured and executed by Religion of
Peace radicals.
7/24/06IraqMosul104Five Iraqis are killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber and two
separate shootings leave five others dead.
7/24/06ThailandNarathiwat10A Buddhist teacher is gunned down by Muslim militants in the
classroom in front of his 10-year-old students.
7/23/06IraqBaghdad4294Thirty-three of Baghdad's poorest people are blown apart by a
Sunni car bomb place just outside an open-air market. A second
bombing nets another nine.
7/23/06IsraelHaifa214Two Israelis are killed by Hezbollah rockets.
7/23/06ThailandPattani13Islamic radicals murder a 60-year-old janitor as he is buying
vegetables for his wife.
7/23/06AfghanistanKhost13A suicide bomber kills one other person.
7/23/06IraqKirkuk22159At least twenty-two souls are lost to a suicide bomber bent on
achieving Islamic paradise.
7/23/06IndiaMawar Handwara21Two civilians are killed in a bombing by Islamic
7/23/06AfghanistanCharsada20Two 'World Vision' humanitarian workers are murdered as they are
returning from a charity mission.
7/23/06IndiaChatroo11Islamic militants murder a civilian and abduct another.
7/23/06IndiaLarkipora10A political activist is shot to death by the Mujahideen.
7/23/06AfghanistanYaqubi32Three little girls are murdered by the Taliban in a grenade
attack on their home.
7/22/06AfghanistanKandahar620A religious extremist approaches a crowd of civilians and then
detonates himself, killing at least six innocents.
7/22/06AfghanistanKandahar28Two Canadian troops are killed when a Fedayeen suicide bomber
rams his car into their vehicle.
7/22/06IraqBaqubah70A suicidal Sunni bomber sends seven innocents to Allah.
7/22/06IraqBaghdad71Jihadis open fire on workers in a house, killing seven.
7/21/06IraqBaghdad380Police find 38 corpses of those killed in sectarian
7/20/06IraqBeiji120A dozen people examining a corpse in a car are killed when
Jihadis detonate the vehicle remotely.
7/20/06IraqBaiju30Islamic gunmen murder three oil refinery engineers.
7/20/06ThailandPattani31Militant Muslims spray a police booth with automatic weapons,
killing three officers.
7/20/06IraqBasra45The throats of a mother and her three children are slit by
Muslim terrorists in their home.
7/20/06IraqKirkuk420Four people are killed in a Jihad bombing.
7/20/06IraqBaghdad831Three separate terror bombings leave at least eight people
7/20/06IraqFallujah913A Fedayeen suicide bomber ends the lives of six other people.
Three others are kidnapped an tortured to death.
7/20/06IraqMuqdadiya70Seven people are killed in two separate Muslim terror
7/20/06ThailandYala10A 60-year-old fruit grower is gunned down by Islamic
7/20/06IndiaVehil Nowgam10A youth is executed in public view by the Mujahideen.
7/19/06IraqBaghdad1229A marketplace shooting and two bombings by Sunni radicals leaves
at least a dozen innocents dead.
7/19/06IraqMahmudiya240Eighteen people are kidnapped, tortured and shot to death.
Another six in Suwayra.
7/19/06IraqRasheed311Muslim gunmen storm a market, shooting three people to death and
injuring eleven.
7/19/06IsraelNazareth29Two brothers, ages 9 and 3, are blown apart by Hezbollah rockets
in their front yard.
7/19/06IndiaPalhalan Pattan10A civilian is murdered by the Mujahideen.
7/19/06IraqKirkuk416Four people at a café are killed by a bomb.
7/18/06IraqMosul42A suicide bomber punches his ticket to Allah, taking four other
souls with him.
7/18/06PhilippinesMaimbung12At least one policeman is killed in an attack by Muslim
7/18/06AlgeriaAin Defla40Four munincipal guards are shot to death in an ambush by Islamic
7/18/06IraqTikrit20Radical Muslims cut off a girl's head, then place it on a bomb,
which kills another civilian when it detonates.
7/18/06IraqHaditha30Three translators are brutally murdered by Islamic
7/18/06IraqMahmudiya140Police find fourteen more victims of sectarian violence,
blindfolded and shot at close range.
7/18/06IndiaKulgam10A boy is kidnapped from a cricket match by Islamic terrorists,
tied up and killed in front of a crowd.
7/18/06IraqKufa59132A suicidal Sunni drives an explosives-packed minivan into a
crowd of Shia laborers looking for work. Over fifty lay dead in the
ensuing horror.
7/18/06IndiaMahore10A 6-year-old child dies from gunshot wounds after Muslim
radicals fire into a family home.
7/18/06IsraelNahariya160An Israeli civilian is killed by a Hezbollah missile as the
terror group fires multiple rockets into civilian areas.
7/17/06IsraelNablus16Palestinians throw a bomb at a group of Israeli soldiers in the
West Bank, killing one.
7/17/06IndiaPoonch10Fedayeen attack a police station, killing a constable.
7/17/06AfghanistanGardez522A suicide bomber kills five people, including four
7/17/06IraqMahmoudiya4190Sunni gunmen attack unarmed civilians in a market. Dozens of
innocents are massacred.
7/17/06ChechnyaGrozny21Jihadis spray two policemen with machine-gun fire in broad
7/17/06ChechnyaGrozny20A cleric and his brother are assasinated by gunmen at
point-blank range.
7/17/06PakistanTorghundai10Islamists attack a police post and kill one officer.
7/17/06IraqMahmoudiya120The bodies of a dozen victims of sectarian violence are found
around the city.
7/16/06IraqKirkuk20Two barbers are murdered by Islamic fundamentalists.
7/16/06IraqBaghdad2622A suicidal Sunni bomber slaughters twenty-six Shiite patrons in
a café.
7/16/06IsraelHaifa817Hezbollah fires Iranian missiles at an Israeli city, killing
eight residents.
7/16/06IraqBaghdad640Separate terror attacks leave ten civilians dead about forty
7/16/06IraqMosul60Three woman are among six people executed by Muslim radicals and
7/16/06ThailandPattani10Islamists on a motorcycle pump four rounds into a
7/16/06ThailandPattani10A 40-year-old retired policeman is killed by Islamic militants
as he entered his home.
7/16/06ThailandPattani10Thai Jihadis murder a 71-year-old man standing in front of his
7/16/06IraqMuqdadiyah30Three people, including a boy and woman are gunned down by Shia
7/16/06IndiaDarhal20Two civilians are abducted and murdered by the Mujahideen.
7/16/06ThailandPattani10A man is stabbed to death by Muslim militants and dumped into a
A suicide bomber kills two policemen. Elsewhere, Jihadis gun
down three brothers.
7/15/06IndiaHilltak20Two adults are killed inside their home by the Mujahideen.
7/15/06IraqKirkuk12A bomb placed inside a computer explodes at an Internet café,
killing one.
7/15/06IndiaGanderbal23The Mujahideen kill a civilian with a grenade. An injured man
succumbs to injuries a day later.
7/14/06PhilippinesZamboanga21An Abu Sayyaf member carrying a Qur'an guns down two
7/14/06ThailandYala10A 52-year-old man is gunned down by Islamic radicals.
7/14/06IraqBaghdad75Muslim radicals bomb a rival mosque, killing seven.
7/14/06PakistanKarachi31A suicide bomber kills a Shiite cleric, his nephew and a
7/14/06IsraelMeron23Hezbollah rockets kill an elderly woman and her 5-year-old
grandson. The boy's mother and father are seriously injured.
7/13/06IndiaMagnar42Two children are among four people killed by Lashkar-e-Toiba
radicals, who gun down villagers in a heinous attack.
7/13/06IraqMosul55A suicide car bomber sends five others to Allah.
7/13/06IsraelSafed121A 70-year-old Israeli woman is killed by a Hezbollah
7/13/06IraqKirkuk35Jihadis use a car bomb to kill three people.
7/13/06ThailandNarathiwat16Islamists set off a bomb in a market, killing one person.
7/13/06IsraelNahariya129A woman is killed in her home by Hezbollah